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Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms

Hey I have a question for you guys who know about this. I recently learned how to orgasm without ejaculating, which as I understand it, is the key ingredient to multiple orgasms. Basically, I get right past the point of no return, stop the stimulation, kegel like crazy, breathe deeply, and (as I read in a few places) try to ‘redirect the energy up the spine.”

After that I continue stimulation and thats when the orgasm occurs, completely dry. First of all, no one’s really documented this very well. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

My main question is this: I heard that by doing this your erection is supposed to stay. For me it doesn’t. Tho the refractory period is much shorter, it still takes a few minutes to get erect again. That means that if I’m having sex, I’d have to stop for a few minutes. How do I remedy this?

Read the big thread about ballooning, I think I remember that there is a way to do it in there that doesn’t cause loss of erection. It’s not something that I’ve tried so I can’t help sorry!

You can learn more about the technique, at least what’s posted on our forums, by using the search button (top right of every page) and this search term: multiorgasmic OR mmo. That will get your about 40 threads. There’s a link (in the Links Forum) to a male multiorgasmic forum you might want to check out.

It’s my understanding, and I’ve been able to do it only a couple times, is that the dry orgasm occurs during the period when there is no stimulation and you’re attempting to prevent ejaculation. Generally the erection does not subside at that point and you’re supposed to be able to continue immediately.

Yeah, you aren’t doing it properly if you lose your erection.

What could I be doing wrong? No semen comes out.

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