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Multiple goals

Multiple goals

Kudos for a great forum! I like that you keep the posts “on topic” & it seems well moderated, for those of who take our PE seriously. I’ve been doing PE for about 6 weeks now and want to know if my goals can be accomplished all together, or should they be attempted one at a time.

Aside from the usual length & girth goals, I want to 1] gain a consistent girth from shaft to tip (it has a kind of cricket bat shape), 2] correct a slight downward curve, 3] gain a bigger head.

So far, since Sep. 29 I’ve gained a half inch in length & no real girth increase (started those exercises later). Does anyone have pointers on whether to go for all at once or concentrate on consistent girth, curve & head size separately?
Thunder, can you recommend any threads to read for this on the forum?

For the record, I’m:

FL 4”
EL 7.5”
EG 5”-5.5”

Thanks guys!

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Hey Tex,

welcome aboard. Thunder did a great job in putting this thing together here.

Anyway, your goals can all be achieved, but I would set small goals instead of one big one. Put a workout together for you that covers all those goals you want to reach but make sure that you make changes here and there every 4 weeks or so, i.e. increase intensity and/or duration.

The squeeze technique or ULI are great for girth and to increase head size. They also aid in achieving consistent length gains. Check the board, gather as much info as you can and then tailor a workout exactly to your needs. If you have questions, Bro, post them.

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Hey Tex,
Welcome aboard! Check the FAQ Forum for a link to some good info on a lot of exercises. Also check this thread (on another forum) for a head exercise that I have used since I started PE. It is about five posts down.`It is an exercise from a paysite or I would just post it here, this way you are getting it from their forum and they can’t bitch. This exercise has been very effective for me and I think it is the original squeeze, at least it is the oldest squeeze type exercise that I am aware of.

These links should give you a lot more information. What you decide as a routine (target a few certain areas or just one) is up to you. I would continue to do a well rounded workout and maybe place more emphasis on the areas you feel need it.
Questions, post away. Good luck with your gains!

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Thanks for the quick reply & advice!

Big-Penis is where I found this fine forum & I’m doing those squeezes. I have found that when I move my OK grip along my dick that the curve makes it turn over where my main vein goes around to the bottom side, so that it’s like the squeeze doesn’t really get completed. Maybe I should concentrate on curve correction for now.

We grow 'em bigger down south!

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