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Multiple Clamping sessions per day?

Multiple Clamping sessions per day?

Hey was just wondering if it was ok to do more than 1 clamping session per day? I do my regular routine first but was curious if it would be ok to do a second or third clamping session after. Reason being is being i wanna clamp during my edging sessions, because edging while clamped feels way better for me than it does without the clamp. I’d make the clamp looser of course if that will help not over work my unit. Thanks for the answers :)

OK, the first question is, how long have you done the newbie routine? If you haven’t been on the newbie routine for at least 6 months, you have no business clamping!

If you have significant time and experience with the newbie routine, manual squeezes, etc. then tried clamping, you can definitely do multiple clamping sessions per day.

Downsides - discoloration. It is a fact, so be prepared.

Also don’t clamp for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Be safe, go slow and good luck!

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I have never felt it was productive to do more than one session every other day. If your intensity is right the damage is done, I do not believe doing the damage again is productive it only delays healing time for the next session. You have to know your unit and get a feel for when it is growing and when your operating on a lustful zeal to rush results. You should avoid lustful zeal pertaining to PE.

ok thanks :) . and onenekkidguy i’ve been pe’ing off and on for years

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