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Mr Worried

Mr Worried

Hey I need some advice here. I have a below average size cock. It has always been that way however I have always done really well with women.They all ways tell me how hard my cock feels inside them and how they enjoy that. I can all so have sex for hours if I’m into the said female, so I will have multiple orgasms and still stay hard. But during a lack luster long term relationship/marriage I felt that my cock actually shrunk. Then I find this site and start my PE. Start 3 months ago 4.72 erect length 4.33 girth. Latest results are 5.9 length and 4.72 girth which is where I reckon I was 8 years ago. However I seem to have lost flaccid size. I have decided to try bibs hanger and am waiting for it to arrive. I understand that results take time and paitence but would like any advice I can get. Not sure if it means much but I am 41 years old and weigh approx 60 kgs or 9.44 stone.

Sounds like your sex life is good and that PE is working.

I'm a disciple of science.

I have a question. Why did your penis shrink that much in the first place? Also, did you do well with women when you had your starting stats (4.72 erect length 4.33 girth) or your pre-shrunken stats?

I am just curious because I am at about the same size. Also, did you just do the newbie routine?

Congrats on your gains!

Nope I currently have no sex life. I live in a very remote area so there are no female’s to service round here.

Not sure about the shrinkage from what I have read could have something to do with the antidepressant’s I take and maybe a lack of action.

And yes still doing the newbie routine. Am finding that maybe short time jelqs are better than extended jelq sessions. That is why I am here to share and gain knowledge.

You know what will also help with the flaccid while you wait for the hanger? A few times a night on each side, left and right, grab your tool and pull it behind you as you lay on your back (called fowfers). This technique has worked wonders for my flaccid hang.

Righto thanks quick beam.

You’re welcome. :)

If manuals are working, I’d stay on them. I’d add a light punping session 2-3 times per week for the flaccid size, it is more effective than hanging and also more effective for restoring what you could have lost due to medicines or other issues.

Right now you are in the perfect average for size, anyway.

Ok thanks Marinera. What pump would you recommend?

I’m not really an expert on pumps; I think thickwall cylinders are nice quality and reasonable price (don’t buy the pump from them, though, just the cylinder). Other good pumps, basing on what I’ve read, are Lapdist pumps. You can use your mouth as a pump, it creates more than enough vacuum; otherwise you can buy a mytivac pump from harbor freight or similar stores.…pump-39522.html

Beyond the cylinder, what you really need is: a) a gauge; b) reading the vacuum 101 thread.

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