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I joined Thunders in April of this year. My starting measurements were BPEL: 4.85”, BPEG: 3.75”. My member thus belongs in the “smaller than average” category (assuming that 5.5” BPEL, 4.5” BPEG is average). I’m 26, circumsized.

I’ve been following the newbie routine (3days on, 2 days off) for the past 3.5 months. I do not see any improvements in size and girth till date. Moreover, kegeling has quickened my ejaculation time :-( . Also, for some reason my penis head has become more sensitive.

I’m now losing motivation…..not sure whether I should continue PE or not. I a not sure whether I want to start hanging….not very comfortable with the idea.

On a different note, I must say that Thunders is a great website. I’ve received plenty of support and prompt responces for all my questions. Thanks!


Dude, sorry to hear about your situation. I suggest maybe trying to manual stretch only for a while and get all the lig gains you can at first. That’s what I did and grew 2 inches from it. Now I have to hang for more length. Manual stretching alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Hopefully if LOT is any idicator you have a pretty high LOT so you can get lots of lig growth like I did. Also a good tip is when you manual stretch don’t worry about doing a strict routine so much, worry more about working hard enough till you feel a good soreness/fatigue in the lig area around the base of your penis where the pubes start. The soreness should last for a while till you rest and or sleep. This is what my mentality was to get the gains I’ve gotten so far through manual stretching. Just remember not to overdo it though. If at any time you feel any sharp pain immediatly let go of the stretch and take a break for a while, then do a test stretch at that same angle, if the pain is still there take a 1 or 2 day breaj otherwise continue stretching until you reach fatigue/soreness in the lig area. Good luck dude.

Thanks LM! I’ll try your recommendations. I’m going to however, give myself a small break and possibly start after a few weeks.

I wonder, if there was ever a poll regarding “how many people did not see any improvements after 3months of PE”.


Good idea dudeis2cool about the poll. The break sounds like it might be a good idea to start off fresh as well. :)

I’ve not posted since I joined in 2003 but perhaps now is a good time. I’d been doing pe for a year prior to joining thunders and have kept to a regular schedule… I noticed some change as I think most guys do after a few weeks, but left without ongoing attention the results always left. Now after three years of consistent regular exercise I notice that the results are permanent and that when I do my exercises I get the kind of responce in only a few minutes that I use to get in over an hour of work. It’s a quick and obvious. That to me has been very encouraging. I’m left to conclude…. (and I do hope this is correct) that what I get now in a few minutes will be my new permanent size in a year or so. This seems to be the reports I get from those who have been at it a long time. It takes a lot of dedicated attention to get the permanent results. This does work and it can be permanent but you have got to stick with it and be patient. By the way.. although I’ve been mute.. I really get a lot out of this forum. Thanks guys.

Hi LoveMachine,
I tried your suggestion. I’ve been doing only manual stretches for the last two days. I warm up and stretch for 10mins twice a day (early morning and at night). I started feeling sore at the base of my penis….more on the bottom side than on top. Not very sore on the sides though. Is that good??

I never any soreness at the base of my penis when I was on the newbie program for three months.


Originally Posted by skipper
I’m left to conclude…. (and I do hope this is correct) that what I get now in a few minutes will be my new permanent size in a year or so.

Skipper, that is a great conclusion.

dudeis2cool, look into hanging or at least investigate the benefits and risks. I was a little skeptical, but learned that hanging, IMO, is the most safest way to gather gains. Don't give up.

Yeah dudeis2cool, take a short break if you like, but while doing so, come up with a new plan of attack.

Ok, the Newbie Routine didn’t work for you, at least measurably, but it was not a waste of time because it did allow you to put in some time into conditioning your dick. Now it is time to try a new approach, for instance, pumping. I got my first gains through 90% pumping, 5% Jelqing, 5% manual stretches (broken down by % of time).

My point is, don’t be discouraged. Try something new!


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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