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Motivation for newcomers

Motivation for newcomers

The time has come. Almost two months has passed since I started to exercise. To put a long story short, I have grown. And having seen some results of the other guys here, I have to say I grow quite fast. I believe I measure precisely, with no room for a mistake. Ok here are the numbers:

16.11 2009 (14,5cm) 5.7 BPEL -> 4.1 2010 (15,4cm) 6.06 inches BPEL
Getting almost 1 cm in length makes me believe that I just can’t have cheated this. It’s too big gain to anyhow cheat. I was actually expecting a few millimeters if anything at all.

The amount of time which I have been spending on PE is ridiculously small compare to many of the other men here at Thunder’s. So since I am quite remiss, I decided to take up a linear routine—you can find it under the same name in newbie section I think. By the way I started only with 30 milking moves (I am not sure about the term that should be used for that), which took me only 2 minutes…Now I am at 85. Despite the short exercise sessions, I believe I am doing the best I can within the boundaries of a linear routine. It means I warm up properly — 7 minutes of wet warming up using a piece of cloth — and I really focus on what I do. Also I hug the little bastard after all that toil; I really do!

Anyway, I spend roughly about 20 minutes on PE a day; to be more precise I exercise 2 days then I have one day off as it is suggested in manual for “newbies”. It does not cost much time, does it? Now I understand that we are all individuals and what works for me doesn’t have to work for others. I just wanted to share my experience and perhaps to give some motivation to those who are still in doubt. Two months ago I was in the same situation…So find a way that works for you and be patient and persistent.
Today is a glorious day and more are to come. 16.2 2010 is my next stop so I’ll definitely report then too. I’d like to wish you all happy New Year and some good gains.

P.S. If you don’t grow down there then I have to ask: You don’t hug him, do you!! See? Now you know what to do next!

I apologize in advance in case there will be something wrong with my lousy English. If it happens, when it happens to be more accurate, I would really appreciate correction. Thank you.

Very good gains. Well done, my friend!

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