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Most Important Measurements To Take During PE

Most Important Measurements To Take During PE

Hey everyone. I’m a fairly new member and wanted to know what the most important measurements to take for tracking PE progress? So far I have taken these measurements and will be listing them in my progress thread:

FG Flaccid Girth
NBPFL Non Bone Pressed Flaccid Length
BPFL Bone Pressed Flaccid Length
NBPFSL Non Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length
BFPSL Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length
EG Erect Girth
NBPEL Non Bone Pressed Erect Length
BPEL Bone Pressed Erect Length
Body Weight? (I figure fat loss would lower the size of the fat pad that I have and would thus change any Non-Bone Pressed measurements)

And on any of the Bone Pressed measurements, would it matter if the measurement came from the top part or the side part where I am pressing relative to my penis?

Any recommendations on how many of each measurement to take and how often? Take measurements before a warm wrap? After a warm wrap?

I plan on starting the Newbie routine this week.

I like to take a BPFSL since I can pretty much measure anytime and there is no pre-measure anxiety which causes some losses.

Start taking measurements every 2 weeks, then after 2 months take it once a month. Measure more frequently than that and you risk feeling like you’re not gaining when you actually are.

Always measure from the same part. It really isn’t about starting size, it is about comparison.

- Bone pressed measurements should be taken along the top.

- I don’t see the need for NBPFSL which is also very ambiguous (the base skin is pulled in a cone shape so you don’t exactly know where to place the ruler…).

- EG should be taken in three points (below head, at mid shaft and above the base) to track possible shape changes.

- Don’t take too often measurements - it could be confusing to see unexpected random variations. I take measurements once a month, but when it’s time for measurements, I repeat them more times, maybe next day too and consider the highest values. This minimizes errors due to variable erection levels.

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

BPEL and BPFSL taken from the top, not the side.

The point of taking measurements is that they be reproducible and thus give a good idea of progress. There are multiple ways to cheat to get a bigger measurement (measure from the side, measure sitting down etc… ) and in fact bone pressed is cheating; its just a way of assuring that you are comparing apples to apples and not to oranges. Your fat pad will change month to month, on one NBP measurement you might actually push the ruler into the skin somewhat; but the ruler pushed in as far as it can go against the bone is pretty constant, and if you constantly measure the same way will be a valuable tool to chart your progress.

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