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Most Hard-core, Balls to the Walls Routine


Most Hard-core, Balls to the Walls Routine

This is my first post in at thundersplace (obviously) and will try to keep it brief. I need the most hard core, balls to the walls return possible. Yes, I have used the search function and read the FAQ’s etc.. I am sure this gets asked a million times, however, I feel my situation is a little more unique. Unlike most of the people in this forum I actually have a small penis ( 6 x 5.5) as opposed the massive quantity of post I see from members who are 7 +. In addition I am willing to devote as much time, energy, and money toward PE (hrs a day), rather than trying to fit PE around my schedule. My penis size has been becoming a huge problem in my life, almost driving me several times to suicide (no I am not being funny nor I am making a cry for attention – I am pretty much to much of a pussy to kill myself, although it’s a constant thought, just using this as an example to show how serious I am). I have suffered for years from severe depression and anxiety that with in the last year I have begin to take steps to correct it (lexapro, cymbalta, numerous sleeping medications, therapy etc…) Because of these problems I haven’t dated or had sex in years, many, many years (guarantee I have had the longest dry spell of anyone in here in my age group- I am 24). Now that my depression and anxiety are somewhat under control I still am unable to date because of my dismal size, I simply can’t get past it. I know it could be worse, but it’s hard to feel good about a below average penis when 2/3 rd’s of your male peers use Trojan magnums, and every girl you have ever had a candid “size” discussing with has ranked size above looks, money, and how they are treaded in a relationship. In a nutshell I am willing to go to extremes to get gains as my current size makes me mirisrable everyday. I have realistic goals, I’d simply like to be an average 7”. I am sure all the information is out there I just don’t have the time to search through tons of posts to get at this particular time, yes I am a little lazy when it comes to forum searching. No need to repost information, I will gladly follow links or use recommend search strings. Thanks for you help. I may be placing to much stock in penis size, but at this point it’s my last hurtle to conquer and would do wonders for my non-existent self esteem and confidence. Peace.

Whoa man,

You’re above average. Why are you contemplating suicide when your cock’s length is on the upper side of average and girth is way above average!?

Is that 6 BPEL (bone pressed (to your pubic bone)) or NBPEL (Non-bone pressed)?

Dude there’s not a single girl who would say you’re small when seeing your penis.

Most of your friends use magnums? Are all your friends porn stars?

And your starting size is bigger than most peoples’ starting sizes on this forum.

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No your situation isn’t different from other guys with the exception that you are taking this way to personal and to the extreme.

Sorry I came on to strong, just after checking out the forum it seemed to me that most of the people posting where 7+. As for my friends this is true, maybe I just happened to randomly make friends with well endowed guys, wasn’t trying. Seriously, the newbie routine is the best place to start? I am a little confused as to the techniques as it seems there are 2 dozen different ways to do each exercise. I guess I should have asked someone for a basic staring point, I don’t really feel like trying every technique over along period of time to see what works best for me. Is there some information as to a basic technique that works well for most people? Sorry, didn’t mean to come off as an asshole, this has just been a really painful issue for me for a long time.

I am 5.125 NBPEL x 4.375 EG. You think you are small, look at what I have to wake up to everyday. I don’t cry about it either. I just work hard and do my routine; gains will come and I know they will, you just have to be patient and happy with what you have at the moment. The way I see it, at least I have those 5 inches and nothing less, and I’m also lucky that I’m not a hermaphrodite or some shit!

These are the facts. The harder you try, the slower your progress will be. Like everyone else, if you want the best results, you start at the beginning, where Thunder pointed you, and take it nice and easy and step by step. That is the best way and the fastest way. PE to the extremes is not only the slowest way, you will go backwards.


Good to see you here. As Thunder said, the newbie routine is where you begin. Let me put it this way, if you wanted to be a bodybuilder it’d take a while to get up to the routine of a Mr Olympia winnner. It’s the same with penis enlargement.

The newbie routine is there to teach you the limits of your penis - this is very important. If you don’t believe me, check out the injury section. Men have done horrible things to their equiptment on this journey.

And it is a journey - this is something that’ll take months, not days. It takes dedication - not putting your life on hold, but every day putting half an hour aside to jelq - You’ve got to think about the healing time of your penis.

Your aim is 7” is very achievible, but please, my friend, don’t rush it.

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ManChuck, take it easy!

Years ago I was the same size as you, only thicker and I heard different reports from the ladies, “…you want to put THAT in ME?” or “…it’s so SMALL” (add girly laughter). To make things worse I had friends who are packing serious heat. 8.5”-10.0” NBPEL.

After years of on and off PE I’m 7.25” BPEL and 7.5” EG but my goal is 8.375 X 8.5. Why? Because that’s what I believe I deserve — and that’s what matters. Many of us here have had it rough. Just because we haven’t said anything, doesn’t mean we have no complaints. What we have in common however, is a willingness to follow sound advice and use good judgement during PE — that’s how you get results.

Remember that your existence didn’t happen overnight. You grew over time and the gains from PE will take time too, but the gains will be yours and no one can take them from you. Same applies to your depression. Just remember we’re all pulling for you.

Whoa, talk about drama queening. Your penis is average size, bro. There are tons of guys out there with the same size, and smaller, getting laid left and right. You really need to put life into perspective. Compare your life to that of a Rwandan or something and you’ll see it’s not so bad. I can’t believe you worked yourself up so much over what amounts to a normal penis.

The fastest route to posting a “Holy crap my penis exploded! Help!” thread is to begin a “balls to the wall, ultimate extreme radical yada yada” routine. Start slow, your penis isn’t used to the exercises yet. Would you walk into a gym, put 400lbs on a barbell and get under it and try to benchpress it? Obviously the answer is no, because you’d kill yourself. Start slow my friend.

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Originally Posted by ManChuck
Unlike most of the people in this forum I actually have a small penis ( 6 x 5.5)

What the? Chuck, those are exactly my stats. In fact, until recently I have been 6” x 5.25”. Okay, here is where I brag: I have done very well in the woman department. I’m not a guy that women start gawking at when I walk into a bar, however, if I find a way to talk to them, things usually go very well. Now the reason I have brought that up is to let you know I’m no spring chicken sexually. Most of the women I have hooked up with over the years seemed pretty satisfied with my size. I’m pretty sure I’ve had quite a few that weren’t satisfied but it wasn’t from lack of size, it was from lack of performance on my part. I tend to drink rather heavily when I go out and no matter what anybody says, too much alcohol = sloppy performance.

Here is some more good news for you: With my penis at 6” x 5.25” I’ve had a few returning booty calls from some pretty experienced women. Chuck, get out of your funk. There is no reason for that. Yes there are guys bigger than you but there are a hell of a lot more that are smaller.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

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Stop watching the “Monsters of Cock” series and come back down to earth. It’s easy to get carried away when seeing yard long dongs all day long, but you are very much O.K., way above average from my knowledge. Your buddies are probably lying too.

ManChuck. Don’t listen to these fooligans. They’re into pussy routines like wanking while soft and pulling it ever so gently. Like hell would that ever work. Enough Newbie Routine, I present to you the most hard-core, balls to the walls Penis Enlargement exercise ever (drum rolls please): HorseVSman. Here’s what you need. Two pieces of industrial rope. One secure pole. One (preferably black, for bragging rights) horse. The rest is self explanatory.

Good luck, and watch out for that ‘discolouration’ - nasty stuff. :)

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Thank you for your replies, everyone was very respectful despite the fact my first post was a little extreme. Yes many would agree my reactions to my size to be over reacting, it’s simply that the feed back I have received over the years have lead to my current attitude. When you have never encountered anyone as small as you are or any women who was content with 6 inchers it’s a little hard to be happy with what you have or consider yourself average. My penis size is so intertwined with my mental health at the moment I can’t deal with any type of rejection, laughter, or basically any negative comment about it. It would be crushing to me, I am just hanging on by a thread right now even heavily medicated. My entire life has been a string of unique circumstances, which if anyone whats to ever discuss without taking up forum space send me an email, so while my parents never burned me with cigarettes or that fact I never was staving to death doesn’t mean my life hasn’t had it’s down points. Just try to image your entire life sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else do things with the greatest of ease and without afterthought, while you wallow in a pit of depression and anxiety, preventing you from doing everyday things. There, that the last negative shit you’ll hear from me whaannnnn. I will start with the newbie routine and keep everyone informed. Thanks for your help. Peace

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