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Most Hard-core, Balls to the Walls Routine

Oh and a lot of girls want to feel like you’re dying to fuck them, I guess they like to feel like they’re the queens of the universe or whatever, don’t be nice or you’ll end up being seen as a friend

Manchuck I hate to tell you, but your insane. Get a therapist, work hard on your out look on life because you have a very distorted view. There is nothing wrong with your penis size and yet you want to kill yourself because of it? Because you think your friends have bigger dicks than you?

This has nothing to do with your dick, if you do come to realize your dick isn’t small you’ll just want to kill yourself because your friend has a prettier wife, or your neighbor has a bigger TV! God forbid a bigger dick and a bigger TV! And there you sit with your very good looking wife not totally hot wife but very good looking and your 32 inch TV. How sad will you be on that day? How sad will you be when your friend has a nicer car than you?

Get help, I’m not joking, or trying to be mean, I’m just telling you something is wrong and it isn’t your little head that has the problem.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.


The best way to grow is to take it slow. And it is slow. I have been doing this for about 8 months and it DOES work. I have gained about 5/8ths of an inch, but I haven’t been very diligent. I find it hard to stay motivated for MONTHS. I am still with it though.

It’s a good thing that you don’t get overnight results. It that were the case, those hung like a mule would be hung like an elephant, and we all would be right back where we started. This is so much work that only a small percentage of the population will ever stick with it.

So channel your energy into your PE routine. Then work on doing other positive things for yourself. Your penis size is NOT the source of your depression.

Pud you are absolutely correct, I have issues; my views are very distorted but unfortunately very real to me. I do have a therapist and a psychiatrist and I am medicated (likely hood of suicide is very low, although at times is has heavily hung on my mind – I have other issues beside my penis, I just feel the penis on trumps the other ones and no one wants to hear about those anyway). I know my views are radically skewed and black and white but they make sense to me. Crazy people don’t think they are crazy, if that were so correcting their behavior would be incredibly easy. “Hey what I am thinking right now is crazy, I should stop it”. I need a lot more work, probably years, to straighten out. I just wish I started sooner and not wasted my teens and early twenties being miserable. I am have being reading all the links on the newbie page and will be starting the newbie PE program shortly. I will keep everyone posted of my progress, and no more negative shit I promise. Later

Glad to hear you’re in therapy chuck that’s a start. Just stick to the newbie routine that thunder posted and like the other said it won’t happen over night. It may take you years to reach your goal then again it might not. I’ve been doing PE (after I restarted again) for 6 months now. Though I have changed my workout a month ago so far I’ve only added 1/4 girth (at least that’s all I remember from my past measurements). It’s not much but I’ll take it. I’ll measure again at the end of July to see if the stretching has helped me get any length. So have at it with the “newbie routine” and best of luck.

Current measure ment 8-2-06 EL- 5.5, EG- 5.25, BPEL-6 7/6, BPFSL-7.25

Short term goal EL- 6.0, EG-5.5

Long term goals EL- 7 to 7.5, EG- 5.5 to 6.0

By the way, when you guys are measuring, how hard are you pressing against your pelvic bone, if at all? When I measure my self I have been measuring from the top, from the base of my penis, no pressing, to tip. I figure that’s how everyone is measuring, but I just looked at a diagram on this site and looked like the ruler was slightly pressed in. I am probably just retarded. Peace

“Most of the guys on here have been PEing for several years, and that is why they are well above average.” Great point psychotic, I never thought of that - durrr - Well that makes me feel alittle better now, Sorry, I have a horrible habit of jumping to conclusions and seeing everything in black or white - well works almost over guess I should actually do something. I’ll post again after I have made some gains. See you in a couple months PEACE

ManChuck, most people are measuring pressed against the pubic bone. Thats BPEL (Bone-pressed Erect Length). I sadly, am shorter than you at 5.25 NBPEL (Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length) x 4.8 EG. Be proud of your dick, and trust me it’s not small.

Small, but growing!

The name keeps me motivated.


I think most guys put a decent amount of pressure against their pelvis when measuring. If you haven’t been doing that, then technically you are above the 6” mark. Even if you are pretty skinny, you should get about at least .25 of an inch when you are bone pressed.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
What the? Chuck, those are exactly my stats. In fact, until recently I have been 6” x 5.25”. Okay, here is where I brag: I have done very well in the woman department. I’m not a guy that women start gawking at when I walk into a bar, …

GS it must be that tongue that gets ‘em going!


I am only slightly longer than you but have the same girth. If you look at the specs for the Trojan Magnum on the Trojan site, the magnums are only 2 mm wider when laid out flat (54mm vs 52mm for regular condoms). As a little experiment, I went out and bought a box of Magnums (not the XL version) and they actually fit! They weren’t too loose but the real experiment would be to use them in a real situation. As I was single at the time, it took a little while to line up a test subject but I found a willing participant and let the science begin. Everything worked fine; the condom didn’t break or bunch up or roll right off.

Steal one of your buddies’ Magnums and give it a try. At 5.5” EG it will fit you and will seriously boost your confidence.

Originally Posted by ManChuck
I have suffered for years from severe depression and anxiety

Have you talked to your therapist/psychiatrist about your penis fixation? Sounds like you have body dysmorphic disorder in addition to the depression and anxiety. Many BDD sufferers obsess over their penis size. Your psychiatrist may have helped other men with the same problem; it’s important for you to inform him or her fully of your thoughts on these issues, even if it’s embarrassing at first.

Para-Goomba you are right to some degree, I am sure I suffer slightly from that disorder and more discussion is need on that in therapy. For instance after I am 6’ 2” and never felt that I was tall and perceived people 5’ 6” 5-10” to be close to my height. Suddenly on day after months of therapy and medication it felt like I grew a foot. In addition I’d have been told I was attractive (not hot or desirable mind you) an have been rated (just polled the ladies at work for this post ha ha) a 5 - 8, while I rate myself a 3-5. So some serious work needs to be done there, but visually that what I see. Thanks for the feedback - I definitely feel better because of some of the information provided.

Originally Posted by ManChuck
In addition I’d have been told I was attractive (not hot or desirable mind you) an have been rated (just polled the ladies at work for this post ha ha) a 5 - 8, while I rate myself a 3-5. So some serious

You know what’s funny about that rating system is that you got a 5-8 with such a bad attitude. The one nice thing about women is that they do not base attractiveness solely on physical appearance like most of us men do. Women look at a number of things, for example:

1. How you carry yourself
2. How you dress
3. How funny you are
4. Confidence, confidence, confidence (I think this is the most important item)
5. How important you are
6. How comfortable you make them feel

I’ve seen women give Steven Tyler of Aerosmith a 10 and this is in his recent days! Yuck! However, if he wasn’t such a big star with all that confidence oozing of him, there is no way he’d get a 10 in anybody’s book. He’d look like a creepy aging hipster.

Do yourself a favor. Try a new thing every week and practice it. What I mean is, Monday, go into work and choose a couple ladies as targets. Walk by their desk and smile without looking away. Stop at there desk, look relaxed (no crossing of arms and standing stiff) and ask them how their weekend was. Talk for a while and if it starts to get uncomfortable say “well I guess I better get to work”. Next week, go to a trendy and respected store and have a well dressed gay guy (make sure it’s a salesperson :) )pick a couple of outfits for you and possibly give you some grooming advice. I know it’s a stereotype but I have found that “well dressed” gay guys take more pride in helping out the averge joe’s like us look cool. Oh and make sure to trust them. Don’t say “no that’s just not me”. The odds are with you that they are not going to try to make you look like a clown. New styles are hard to adjust to and that’s how we get stuck in out of date dressing habits. Next week, get a cool new haircut and keep it trimmed every month or so. $25 bucks a month is nothing to look good for the ladies. Keep building on things like this week by week. Slowly your confidence should build up nicely to where when you look in the mirror, you want to fuck yourself.

Self image is weird. When you feel down, you see a monster in the mirror with inadequate parts. When you are feeling good, you can’t stop looking in the mirror and feel proud about every part you carry. However, you are looking at the same reflection.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Pud
Manchuck I hate to tell you, but your insane. Get a therapist…

But in the mean time get a chicken!

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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