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Peace brother,

Let me ask you something. Do you only like girls with big breasts?

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Hey Chuck,

I have some Gut Scramblin’ guaranties for you:

1. Your friends have added some length to the truth. Almost every guy does it except on forums like these and even then it still happens.

2. Do your friends even know how to measure correctly because if they haven’t been to forums like these, chances are they don’t.

3. Women don’t know shit about measurement (no offense ladies). Why do you think they bring 10 of the same outfits into a dressing room? Because they have no idea how huge their ass really is. The 8 incher they were bragging about most likely was a 6 or a 7. If you want to impress a woman, tell her you have an 8 incher and then take a ruler and measure the underside. They don’t know the rules to measuring a dick.

The moral of the story: Start lying like all your friends and start fucking chicks.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler

The moral of the story: Start lying like all your friends and start fucking chicks.


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Man I’d kill for your girth, well maybe not kill but I’d like to get where you are. You gotta stop feeling sorry for your self, if you didn’t know; girls like guys with confidence. I’m not one to talk about shit like that though because I’m not a success in that department and have a longer dry spell than you for sure. But i also don’t try to get women like i should and I’m wasting my college life away. But you know what, I suck it up and keep on trucking. Yeah i feel depressed sometimes but come on man, you got it better than a good amount of guys. Hell you got it better than me and 4 friends i know on the top of my head. What you need isn’t a bigger dick, its a nice thing to have but you need some therapy man. I’m not disrespecting you at all, but its like my friend who was fat and still calls himself a fat bastard or an anorexic girl who thinks shes huge, you penis size isn’t the problem and its not gonna solve anything either, at least in your case.

P.S. It kind of pisses me off hearing guys complain when they got it good in my opinion but whatever we all got problems.

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Goal: To gain that evasive girth I so desperately need.

Bro, here’s the bit of advice that I have followed regarding making ladies want to be naked with me: “Pay as much attention to your woman as you can. Watch her breathing, know which parts of her body she likes to have touched lightly, which parts can be handled a bit roughly, know what turns her on.”

Make her feel like she is the absolute center of your universe. Be a completely unselfish lover. This will make you an above average lover, because most men do not do these things.

The great thing is you can do this while working on your PE.

Good luck. And by the way, these guys really know what they’re talking about. Follow their advice.

Bro, your friends are full of shit. Welcome to reality — you’ll like it here.

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Take a look at the link Thunder posted and you will be on your way. In addition to a step by step explination of all the exorcises and videos of the same you will find Penis Size: The True Average and Small penis thread link list which you really should read.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I don’t mean to disappoint you, but your size is normal; continue PEing for XL.

Size dosen’t matter much for most of the girls; its the amount of love & sex you do that matters.

Never sweat a hoe.

You've got no chance in hell!

I’m the same size as you, but I’m -.5 on the girth. Nobody has ever called me small, nor complained (to my knowledge). At times I’ve felt large, and at others, small. Reality puts me right in between the two.

Your current girth is my girth goal. Feel better?

Thanks everyone, your feedback has been appreciated and some of it gave me a good laugh. Everyone seems pretty cool around here. Sure my friends could be full of shit, and to some degree I am sure they are. Just after living and hanging out with them for years, seeing all those Trojan magnum wrappers starts to grind on ya. And I fully realize that there are probably a bunch of chicks out there that would be perfectly happy with my size, just haven’t found any yet (haven’t been with hardly anyone nor have I talked to hundreds of women about it, really could just be dumb luck that the 20 or so times I have a truthfully discussion about size I was running into drunk size queens). Thinking in a Glass is Half Full kind of way would probably benefit me more than anything, I just not that type. For instance I have very low sensitivity in my penis, which basically means with or without a condom I feel almost nothing. So while sex is less pleasurable (not that I have a frame of reference to measure it against, just assuming) for me I can easily and have gone consistently for 45-60 mins. So that’s a plus. As for the treatment of women I guess I just been in the wrong crowd and around the wrong women. The women I know, dated, friends and peers have dated, etc… have been incredible more receptive being treated like shit then been treated with respect and love. I am a very nice guy, maybe to the point of being a doormat (working on that) and I have found that the more caring, thoughtful, and respectful I am to women, the more they push me away or treat me in a platonic manner, were as if I ignore them and general treat them like shit they come a running. I am sure there’s a perfect balance somewhere and realize treating women like shit is not the way to go, it just seems until most women mature, the insensitive asshole will always win out. Thanks again, everyone seems to know there shit here and I appreciate the advice. Peace

“The moral of the story: Start lying like all your friends and start fucking chicks”

Awsome quote - would be perfect for a tee-shirt

Hahaha I agree!

Got to love the avitar too


Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Dude, take a look at the sizes of the members on, and then try to tell us you’re small! Man you should be enjoying yourself, some could only dream of a cock of your size. Most of the guys on here have been PEing for several years, and that is why they are well above average.


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