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Most effective technique to make the BC muscle stronger.

Most effective technique to make the BC muscle stronger.

Are there techniques other than the regular kegels?

If not, could someone give me a good and intensive kegel routine?

And could someone please explain reverse kegels to me, Ive read some stuff about it, but I could never get it right.

Start (April 07): BPEL= 6.3" EG= 4.7"

Now (October 08): BPEL= 7" EG= 5.0"

Goal : BPEL= 7.5" EG= 6"

A reverse kegel is what you do to increase the force of your urine stream when you urinate.

I have the same question about reverse kegels. I know what they are and how to do them, but I’m not sure what the benefits of doing them are compared to a normal kegel.

Well from what I have gathered form experimentation, the muscle used to do reverse kegel is the antagonist of the BC muscle(kegel muscle). It’s hard to contract both at the same time. So I guess doing reverse kegels is going to stretch the kegel muscle out. Probably a good thing for the muscles development.

Cumming is speeded up with kegels . They increase the sensation when cumming.

Reverse kegels help you delay cumming, and actually can be used to stop cumming before you are fully used up. With practice, once you stop and wait just a little bit (less than 15 seconds), you can resume and cum again.And again. It’s a way to be multi-orgasmic, although medically it’s a cheat since you don’t really fully cum.I only could do two, and stopped the extreme exercises because it felt to me that each ejaculation had less sensation.

Because different muscles are involved, you can do both in series, the one giving a rest period for the muscles of the other.

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