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Most effective standing or sitting?

Most effective standing or sitting?

Being that I just recently started a serious routine a little over a week ago, I am curious if PEing is more effective (easier?) while standing or sitting. I have tried both, and not noticed much of a difference personally.

So, if you do one and/or the other, what do you think?

I can typically get a better, longer, jelq in if I am sitting on the edge of my computer chair with my legs spread. I do all of my manual stretches standing up other than pulling straight down between my butt cheeks on the edge of a chair.

Thanks Albinocavedweller, anyone else have a preferred position and for what reason?

I do all of my PE sitting just because, why would I stand? Standing might get a little boring after some time so I sit simply for the comfort of it. Performance-wise I see no difference.

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I find it’s better to stand for me when jelqing because I usually do an overhand grip and can get closest to the base.

I’m new so please … I dunno shit, but when I’m hanging I like to stand so I can swing the weight in a circle and all 4 directions.

then I lay back on a couch or bed with my butt off so I can do btc hang, in short why not do both?

I think it is a matter of personal preference. I like sitting as long as it’s not on the toilet seat. If I’m home alone I sit in the office chair, but when I’m not alone I stand in the bathroom because toilet seats are only comfortable for about as long as it takes to shit. The saying “Either shit or get off the pot” comes to mind. Now that I think about it, I think standing may be more effective for the goal.

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