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Most effective heating method?

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Which heat method do you use?

Wet Towel


Rice Sock


Heat Lamp


Heat Pad


Electric Pads etc.


screw heat I just jump right into PE

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Originally Posted by Springer240
About 4 months ago I spoke with some people on the forums, and if the heat is the same temperature from any of the devices then they will have the same result, so you just have to find what is best for you. Also while talking with some people on the forums, the whole IR lamp doesn’t matter because all the heat sources are infrared.

Basically you’re right, but:
1. Ultrasound is different, cause it has some other effects on tissues besides heating (it softens collagen tissues)
2. IR lamp has far more powerful IR radiation than any normal source of heat. Every other heating method gives heat away mostly via conduction. Radiation is secondary way and in most cases less significant. In order to get the same IR radiation from towel, it shall be glowing red hot as does the IR lamp. IR lamp matters because it can heat the thing while staying away (while it’s in vacuum tube for example) and it heats deeper. In preheating the effect is the same, but IR lamp heats from one side only. So I use hot water for preheating and IR lamp while pumping.

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I bet the sauna or steam room work pretty good

A heating pad works well

I was just messing around while watching T.V. lying down in bed on my side. I took my penis and put between my legs and left it there after 5 minutes that fucker was hot as hell.

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Originally Posted by promo
I was just messing around while watching T.V. Lying down in bed on my side. I took my penis and put between my legs and left it there after 5 minutes that fucker was hot as hell.

So you’ve basically been doing fowfers.

I used to use a hot wash cloth, but I got my IR Lamp last Wednesday and it’s been working wanders. I truly feel that I’ve never had such an effective warm up or warm down since I started PE.

19th Feb 2012

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I actually cut the end off of my sock, turned the end inside and then sewed the two ends together to make a “rice tube” (well, actually I turned one end out seamed the two together most of the way, turned it right side in, filled it, and then finished the seam but that’s a confusing way of explaining it which could lead someone into making an error which might result in them making a “Klein bottle” and consequently dying of old age as they try to turn it right side in).

It seemed like a good idea and sure enough it works like magic — You just slide it on all the way and it provides warmth everywhere it’s needed.

It can also be slipped over a cylinder to provide warmth during pumping.

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I went from a wet towel to a rice sock after reading these posts. The rice sock is great because it is pliable and retains heat for a long time. I try to keep it under a pillow or blanket during jelqs so heat does not escape as quickly. This keeps me from having to jump up and go to the microwave when I need it warm again. I also have started keeping it on during stretches. This works while laying down pretty well. When pulling up towards my chest I rest the rice sock on the underside of my shaft and alter the position depending on the stretch angle. It can’t hurt and it might help. I have been getting so great stretch with almost no soreness.

I use a hot shower!

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Have you considered one of these? They are a bit uncomfortable at first but boy do they keep you warm!

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Running a Massive Co-Front.

I use a heating pad. It seems to work for me.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Have you considered one of these? They are a bit uncomfortable at first but boy do they keep you warm!

And you always know when your gonads are a quart low! ;)

Warm or fairly hot water in a tall plastic cup works for me. Press the container up tight to your body to immerse the entire shaft.

I use a bath towel and run it under water until it’s real hot. Then I flap it in the air to get it just below scorching
So I don’t injure myself and wrap and massage at the same time.

I repeat about 5 or 6 times and keep it wrapped until I begin the PEing.

Hot heat pad wrap works great for me, I can rap my whole penis and also get it sit on my ligs if I want. It is soft and bends like a sheet. I take it out of the Cotton casing too, be careful as it feels scolding hot on high.


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