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Most effective heating method?

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Which heat method do you use?

Wet Towel


Rice Sock


Heat Lamp


Heat Pad


Electric Pads etc.


screw heat I just jump right into PE

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A wet washcloth around my dick is what I prefer. It’s healthy; low radiation, wetness and keeps the balls cool. Why wetness? Because when it’s hot and wet but not soaked, it’s a reminder that your penis will grow and get big. It’s really good.

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Now - FL 4" / FG 4.25" / BPEL 6.33" / EG 4.9"

Goal - 7.25" x 5.75"

The good old electric heating pad doesn’t seem to be getting much love. That’s what I use. It stays warm all day, no having to go anywhere or anything to warm something up, no it cold over time, no it only heating one side, etc. Seems good to me. But then I’ve never tried anything else except the hot washcloth which I hated because it cooled off to quick and would drip, etc.

Did you try the small and thick square washcloth? You squeeze the extra water (yeah it’s hot), wrap it around your dick and hold it with your hand. After 5 mins, it is still warm inside, without the need to reapply. I think you just need the right washcloth. Just make sure to seal the tip of the wrap, just like how you’d wrap a spring roll.

16/07/07 started PE'ing - FL 3.5" / FG 3.75" / BPEL 6" / EG 4.7"

Now - FL 4" / FG 4.25" / BPEL 6.33" / EG 4.9"

Goal - 7.25" x 5.75"

I use a hot towel. Havent used anything else. Very effective and quick easy to hide. Costs nothing if you bathe regularly.

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For a warm up, would it be possible just sitting in front of an heater?

Hi, I have just started stretching( JES-ekstender).
I do try to stretch somthing between 5-7 houers every day, would it help me to warm up the thing before starting on such a long jurney tru the day?
I also read that some people do warming true all the day?
I do feel a difference when I’m warm down there, when stretching. So I try to wear some warm clothing, like fleece pants :)

Tnx norwegian viking:)

Simon and dverek - I’m a newbie but have done a lot of reading. Here’s what I’ve learned in relation to your questions.

Simon, the heat from a heater is dry heat, and therefore will not penetrate into your dick as well as a wet face cloth or a rice sock (which actually absorbs moisture while it’s cool and then gives it off while hot and wrapped around your unit). The dry heat from a heater will be better than nothing, but not as good as these other methods - and probably not evenly get your whole guy.

Dverak, adding a heat warm-up will make your long stretches more effective. And safer. And yes, add throughout the day - makes things more pliable.

Heat …

It does a penis good.

1st START: 11.29.02 -> BPEL: 6.06", EG: 4.63", FL: 3.31", EVol: 10.3 (Quit after 3 weeks.)

2nd START: 12.09.07-> BPEL: 6.25", EG: 4.75", FL: 3.5", EVol: 11.2 (9% increase)

RECENT: 02.03.08 ----> BPEL: 6.44", EG: 5.00", FL: 3.5", EVol: 12.8 (24% increase)

I use a washcloth at the moment, but I have ordered a IR heat lamp as it is said to be the best heating method for PE.

Benefits of Heat in PE

19th Feb 2012

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The name of the thread is “Most effective heating method?” and the actual poll says “Which heat method do you use?”. Two different things.

Anyway, I feel “wet heat” is the best so I’d say the wet towel method is the most effective one out of those methods. I tried it a time or two when I was just starting doing PE, although I don’t use any of those heating methods, just the regular hot water bottle method. It’s not as messy and cumbersome as dealing with wet towels and the heat lasts longer. Good luck.

Hey thanks fore the answer :)

I’m lazy, so I use a electric heat pad. No wetness and dripping. I just sit down or lie down, crank up the head pad to high, and put it on my lap for about 10 minutes (over top of my clothes). My penis is warm, almost hot.and it’s somewhat moist from sweat because of the heat.

Sometimes, when I have an extender on, I put the heat-pad on my lap too. This makes it much more comfortable - especially during high tension.

Therapist use heat to aid healing. Heat encourages blood flow, which is good for your penis while it’s healing. So I try applying heat while stretched so that my dick heals stretched :-) .

What about flowing hot water?

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Has anyone had any experience with using ultrasound? - I have done some research on it’s “softening” effects on collagen, and it seems an ideal way of both heating *and* softening the collagen to allow for a maximum stretch.. Any comments?

Maybe. But what about the ease and affordabilty of obtaining one?

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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About 4 months ago I spoke with some people on the forums, and if the heat is the same temperature from any of the devices then they will have the same result, so you just have to find what is best for you. Also while talking with some people on the forums, the whole IR lamp doesn’t matter because all the heat sources are infrared.


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