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Most affective way to see gains.

Most affective way to see gains.

I see alot of these stretchers and hanger websites, such as, with penis stretching devices. Do these increase penis length more affectively than stretching? I would think it would beings it stretches for a much longer time than stretching by hand, but I still want to ask to be sure.

Also, I know there isnt no miracle pill to make your penis grow, but is there such pills/herbs that will help you grow while stretching?

I am interested in using the TLC tugger to restore forskin. Is there a way to modify this product to restore forskin AND increase shaft length and girth?

I am interested in forskin restoration. Though I would love to do both at the same time, would it be more affective and give me quicker results if I just do one at a time?

In your opinion, what is THE quickest way to see permanent increase in penis size without to much risk?

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Your question is in fact the very essence of The Craft. If we knew the answer to this one question we probably would all be wearing an 8X6”. The good new is, we have nearly 60,000 dicks to experiment with. If every member simply tries all these methods, gadgets pills and theories and reports their successes and/or failures we will eventually weed out what doesn’t work from what does.

Search, Read, Experiment and Report.

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I think I’ve found the methods that work - but I don’t know if they will work for everyone.

1. Write down your target size.

2. If it seems unrealistic, “chunk it down” to more achievable steps.

3. Take actions in the faith that you are receiving a larger penis.

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Yeah, it’s the “take actions” bit of point 3 that is what this forum is about. Unfortunately the specifics of the actions to take are the important bit.

>In your opinion, what is THE quickest way to see permanent increase in penis size without to much risk?<

Starting with the Newbie Routine is a must.

Don’t buy any equipment at least until you’ve been PEing for 3 months, you may find you don’t need or want any.

Foreskin restoration can be accomplished in many ways, try reading modemmer’s posts on the subject.

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