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Morning wood

Morning wood

Does everyone usually get morning wood?? Only reason I ask this is because I rarely get morning wood. I used to back in middle school and early high school days but for the past 5-6 years I don’t usually get it. Is it bad if I don’t? I think my problem is that I get up very early (to me at least) and maybe I got up before my wood got up ha ha. I’m just curious I guess.

Starting Size (10-07): 5.5" NBPEL | 4.5" EG | 1.5-3.0" FL | 2.5" FG

Goal: 7.5" NBPEL | 6.0" EG | 4.75" FL | 4.5" FG

Hey Durango,

Most guys get morning wood - I’m in my mid 40’s and I almost always have it - and if I don’t it usually means that I over did my PE routine the day before.

Might be helpfull to read the thread on erectile quality and the thread on negative PE’s - bottom line is this may not be anything negative for you - were all different. But my guess is with proper and safe PE you may get an improvement in your morning wood, your night wood, your mid morning wood, your afternoon wood, etc. Goodluck.

You should search the forum. There are lots of discussions about this.

Personally, being 47, I get nocturnal erections all the time. I am a light sleeper, so I often wake up during the night, hard. The other night I had to beat off because it would not go down and let me rest.

But I don’t usually notice wood when I finally wake in the morning.

Whether you wake up hard or not depends on what phase and level of sleep you are in. Therefore, if you are not hard, it doesn’t mean something is wrong. You could spend 2 hours per night hard as a rock and sleep right through it, and wake up flaccid.

Horny Bastard

Sorry I forgot about the search, I will try to use that more often. Thanks guys

Starting Size (10-07): 5.5" NBPEL | 4.5" EG | 1.5-3.0" FL | 2.5" FG

Goal: 7.5" NBPEL | 6.0" EG | 4.75" FL | 4.5" FG

I have the same problem too, this is all pre PE. I use to get morning wood when I was younger, about 5 years ago but after turning 19 I noticed I haven’t had morning wood. I’m 21 now.

Started: 10/1/07 bpel:5.5" nbpel:4.5" eg:5.125" fl:3" fg:4"

Goal: nbpel: 6" eg: 5.5"

Long term goal" nbpel: 9" eg:7"

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