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Morning wood signs?

Morning wood signs?

Just a quick questions about Pi’s. Last night was the second night of my upgraded time limit on my pe sessions I am now on my 3rd month of the newbie routine. I have bumped up my time limit to 15 mins(or roughly 300 jelqs). After doing my exercise the next morning I usually wake up with morning wood. I don’t know if it’s b/c of the dreams or I have to pee, but I usually wake up with a tent. This morning it did not happen and i had to pee like race horse so i should have been hard. When I was doing my exercising last night the session felt great, same amount of erection and pressure as before. Actually the session felt better afterwards my penis was plump and thick for a while.

My question being, is not having morning wood a really good sign that something I did the night before wasn’t good? Morning wood seems to be the only reliable PI sign I can use. For some reason my penis size changes day by day. one day its larger than it was the day before. I believe this has to do with how hot I am at the time. Anyway that’s my question could use some advice, thanks fellas.

I think that trying to read too much out of just ONE scenario is bad in almost every category of life. Keep going with your routine, if you don’t have morning wood for maybe 5 days to 2 weeks in a row. Then possibly you are overtraining. Otherwise I’d just relax. Good luck on gains!

That makes sense, thanks a lot for the info. Ill try to look into some other pi’s as well.

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