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Morning wood question

Morning wood question

I used to have no morning wood the first couple of days after a PE session but for like a week already now I DO have morning wood the day after.

Feels like an improvement, but what does, or can, this mean?


My guess is you’re getting more, or maybe just better, quality sleep. And factors from stress to noise to diet can all effect how soundly you sleep.

Or it could be that when you started PE, you were stressing your dick to the point of diminishing morning wood. Now the same amount of stress stresses your dick less, so better morning wood.

This may mean that you may be in a position to increase your routine (more force, more repetitions, or whatever you’re doing, within the realm of safety).

All that said, nocturnal and morning wood are good exercise for your penis, so if you have it and PE causes you to lose it entirely, I would take that as a sign that you’re overdoing.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thanks guys.

I will try and see what happens if I intensify my routine a bit, if my EQ drops I will go back to my current routine.

I have been doing a the newbie routine for a few months . I recently stepped things up. Unfortunately my EQ really deteriorated. This came to a head so to speak when my wife whipped out my cock and started sucking on it. Now I love blow jobs but I could not get hard and this upset me and my wife. I had obviously been overdoing things , so now I’m taking a rest for a couple of weeks . I have made some reasonable gains since February, but my wife has not been able to enjoy the extra inch of length or half inch of girth yet . My advice is don’t over do it . Best wishes mate.

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