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Morning erection

Morning erection

When you wake up flaccid after a PE session when on normal days you wake up hard, is this because your penis is recuperating?

Either that or overworked. Many people (myself included) report(ed) improved erection quality/frequency when starting PE.

What routine are you following?

I get no wood when I don’t do PE and when I do it too hard.

I get wood when I do it just right. I think it is a good way to measure if you are doing the correct amount.

I get a lot more erections after I started PEing. I get mourning woods all the time and my I’m almost never 100% flaccid anymore. I’m like always at a 5-10% erect stage, even as I type( or it could be that I’m getting a better flaccid state?)

Starting size(3/22/06): 4.5X4.0

First Goal:4.75X4.1(BPEL goal reached)\\\\\\\\\\\2nd Goal:5.00X4.1 by 6/22/06

Current: BPEL (4.9-5.0)X4.0\\\\\\\\\\Ultimate Goal: 8x6

The latter abracadabra, also if your more hydrated than usual, this has an immense effect on flaccid hang. In fact it is probably the simplest way to improve your flaccid size. Take a look:

Water water everywhere…

Starting Stats: BPEL- 5 2/8" BG- 4 4/8" MSG - 4 4/8" - Jan 2006

Goals: Till Mrs. K, can't take no more. :rear:

My routine is

Hot wraps 3 min

Stretching, each direction x5 (get an erection too quickly, so cannot stretch for too long, )

100 jelqs +10 mins (cannot keep up intensity because I get fully erect after just 6 strokes, extra time wasted in subsiding penis)

25 jelq and hold (10 seconds hold)

Hot wraps 3 min

Also, my routine is 1 day on, 1 day off and I started 1 and a half weeks back.

Originally Posted by outlaw_member
Also, my routine is 1 day on, 1 day off and I started 1 and a half weeks back.

If you think something is amiss then ease up until everything’s working normally; it’s the safest option.

I got the morning wood everyday even before I recently started this stuff.. I still get it to.

I got it before PE and after, it is even harder than before

I get hard erections but I don’t wake up rock hard since I started

Hey, I get the same thing, and after a day of rest I wake up hard, never thought about it!

3 or 4 days PE, 1 day rest


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