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More than a years break. Need advice

More than a years break. Need advice

So, I’ve been away for more than a year now and when I started doing PE, I did the newbie routine for 3 months followed by the linear routine for a month. After that I experimented with different stretching types such as V-stretches and stretching max tension then releasing a bit after a few seconds and do it a few times. I did my stretching with paper to get a better grip and always used heat. I did jelqing before and after my stretching. 20 min stretching all directions and 10 min jelqing before and 10 min after. I did this for over a year and gained nothing. Now with more than a years brake I’m l’ve got the time and motivation ( gf talks about big dicks.. ) Is there anything new on the PE front? someone who gained big etc, appreciate any advice. I’ve only had rock hard erection once 10/10 erection and that was the day after a jelqing routine. I don’t think I’m jelqing properly or I’m not feeling anything or getting expansion.

People who have gained, have they all done some form of jelqing and do they have something in common?

Dry jelqing - WOW.
Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

Think about reading the whole threads, they should help.

Remember about PI’s and doing minimal amount of workout to get the positive ones (PI’s of course).

Personally, I recommend fulcrum stretches and dry jelqing, but there are tons of different techniques to try: pumps, clamps, stretchers, hangers and many manual exercises.

There isn’t any “gold coin” of PE, so do what gives you pleasure (mental and/or sexual) and good PI’s.

I think many of people who gained a lot used or are using jelqing. It’s great exercise, but if you hate it, don’t do it.

P. S. Don’t bother the girls’ talking. They always talk, but rarely have something to say.


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