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More room to grow without PE

More room to grow without PE

Hi all. Well, this is my story. I joined the forums in February and was hooked. I did allot of research and read allot. I haven’t actually done any PE exercises because I’m still young (19) and I think I still have room to grow naturally?? A month after I joined I went to Georgia (Grandma died and had to take care of Grandpa). No internet or anything. I did however measure myself at 6.25” BPEL and 4.8” EG before I left. Few months later I come back home and I worship my computer hehe. I get back with this site and I measure my self at 7.0” BPEL and 5.0” EG. Is it possible to gain just from masterbating because I do it everyday. I also lift heavy weights and do cardio once in a while. Will I grow more size till I’m 21 because I heard that’s when men stop growing physically. Please excuse the way I write I’m bad at it :(

2/6/06 Bp 6.25" Eg 4.8"

11/3/06 " 7.0 " 5.0

Intersting story Kesh. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. About your question, yes, it would appear you do still have room to grow ;)

Nothing beats results, eh?

I’m curious, was your frequency of ejaculation/masturbation different while you were away (i.e. did you do it less or more)?

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Everynight and after a workout in the shower. Hell some nights I would go on a marathon lol.

Edit: About the same.

2/6/06 Bp 6.25" Eg 4.8"

11/3/06 " 7.0 " 5.0

I had no acess to porn so it was hard not to pull it out hehe.

2/6/06 Bp 6.25" Eg 4.8"

11/3/06 " 7.0 " 5.0

kesh, masturbating doesn’t do anything for your penis size, neither in a negative nor in a positive way.

As for the matter of age: There’s really no way to tell when you will stop growing. Every male is different and will stop growing at a different age. It could be 18 in some, 20 in others, 22 in others again… you get the idea.

I myself started doing PE with 19, too, but never really stayed committed until now. I pretty much guess that I don’t have any more room to grow down there, but I might just as well be wrong about this.



Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

If masturbation made your cock bigger, I’d be able to tie my cock around my waist and use it as a belt. And so would a lot of other guys..

Congrats, you’re still growing! My guess is that PE is more effective while you’re still growing, so I’d set a goal and get a routine going.

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