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More length before more girth - where to focus

More length before more girth - where to focus

Hi everyone,

I just found Thunder’s place a week or two back. I’m excited about the possibilities!!

From reading many posts here I realize this is a marathon and not a sprint, and patience and discipline win in the end, but I have one question for now:

I’m fairly happy with my girth but would like to get more length. Is there a particular part of the program or a particular exercise on which I should focus?

Looking forward to getting help and advice, and one day, being able to return the favor for other “Newbies”.

Start 2012/7/29 - BPEL 5.75" x MSEG 6.125"

Now 2012/7/29 - BPEL 5.75" x MSEG 6.125"

Goal1 2012/12/01 - BPEL 6.125" x MSEG 6.25" Final Goal BPEL 7.00" x MSEG 6.75"

Welcome to the forum bro! I’m a newbie as well, and have pretty much the same goals in mind as you. Its good to see that you seem patient and committed. You got a lot of girth my man! I posted a thread in the newbie forum titled “Shocking”.I’m sorry that I can’t just post the link here, not sure how, but check it out in the newbie forum. One of the moderators posted a link to a variation of the newbie routine that might help you. Anyway, good luck on PE!

Starting (1 July 2012): 16.5cm (6.4in)NBPEL; 10cm (3.94in) NBPFL; 12.3cm (4.84in) FG; 13.2cm (5.2in) EG.. NO FAT PAD!

Short Term Goal: 18.5cm (7in) NBPEL; 14cm (5.5in) EG.

Long Term Goal: 8x6!

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