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More intense Jelqing

More intense Jelqing


being a newbie to all this PE business i’m not sure if this has been mentioned before! This morning i was jelqing away (wet) and decided to kegel inbetween each hand movement, the effect was alot more intense, and i could feel alot more pressure build up in my penis! Unfortunatly the effect was lots of smallish (2-4mm) red dots apearing on my shaft. Does anyone else use a technique like this? After healing up think i’ll do it again, just go a bit easier.

You can continue your workouts with the red spots, and they will go away as your cock becomes more and more accustomed to the routine. Just don’t go overboard as you continue to exercise. There are so many different variations of jelqing it is hard to keep track of them all, but kegeling while jelqing is certainly one of the techniques used.

Red spots are part of the process, so as long as you continue to exercise with moderation, don’t let them slow you down.

hi, gprent101,

What about purple dots. Sometimes I observe purple dot due to intense jelqing.

Do you think, I should stop when they appear.

Thank you in advance.

faw: Be careful. I did that in about my 2nd week & junior would barely get erect afterwards, and sure didn’t want to stay hard. It scared the hell out of me so I took 10 days off. Now I do all of my jelqs that way, with a kegal right before I tighten my grip. I agree that it does seem to intensify the jelq.

haydibre: My rule for spots is if they’re gone before I do my routine the next day, I go ahead and jelq. If they’re still there, I take the day off. I know that”s probably more conservative than some people might suggest.


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Thanks RBM,

I am also doing it like you do. I think it’s a good approach for avoiding injury or cause them to worsen.

Thank’s for the advice both of you! I took a day off and the spots went and am back to the jelqing (with the added kegels inbetween, it feels a better way of doing it.)

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