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More gains

More gains

I recently made a gain of a 1/4” and I still can’t believe that this PE stuff is actually working. I had to measure a few times to make sure I wasn’t measuring wrong or maybe it was just a fluke or something, but it seems I made a solid gain. I never thought any of this would work, I still can’t believe it. I consider myself a realistic person and because of the way I am, a part of me still thinks that somehow this is a fluke or something. If I am able to make any more significant gains in the future I will be 100% certain that PE really does work.

Anyway, I wanted to point out that I’ve been doing this since January, using the newbie routine, and it wasn’t until the last month or so where I started to take warm-ups more seriously. Before then, I never thought much of warming up because I thought it was just a way to prevent injury (I thought to myself, like most guys who don’t warm up, that I’d be fine and I’d be able to handle it) and underestimated its importance in any routine, so I only did them occasionally. Then I bought a heating pad and I’m almost certain that adding more heat it my routine has helped with these gains as well as EQ.
I first noticed this the first few times I used it. After applying heat for about 10 minutes, I worked up an erection and my EQ was obviously much better. My member felt like it was filled to capacity and felt firmer overall.

So I guess this thread is more about the importance of heat than my gains. I have found that it really does help. I used to look at warm ups as a way to just prevent injury, but now I understand that using heat prevents injury, helps with EQ, and just helps with gains in general.

Glad to hear of your experience kiwbo. It does help to fix in guys minds the necessity of warm-up So you input is of great help to us.



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Thank you very much for this, I recently started PE and this has shown me that I really need to warm up correctly. I will look into heat pads, so I can make warming up easier and less frigidity. Currently my cloth cools down to fast, for it to be all that useful. I’m sure that the heat pad could be used during your routine to increase flexibility and reduce injury.


Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

What are the different method for warm up?

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