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More force without warm wrap

More force without warm wrap

What might be the consequences of doing stretching with out warm wrap.

I just did some stretching with out warm wrap and I felt better force at the base of the penis(with some extra pain). Can somebody explain the reason
Behind this?
Are there people who have gained without warm wrap?

And I’m planing on dropping jelqing too, as I’m more interested in length gains. How would this affect my gains? Once again, are there people who have
Gained by stretching only?

Thank you.


The idea of warming up so that microtears can occur seems contrary to me. I know that it’s good to warm up any muscle, but if you want to tear something it seems to me the tearing will be more when unheated than heated. Just a thought. I never warm up and am almost at an inch in a little over a year.


Yes you can gain by stretching only, no the warm up is not necessary, just recommended.

I dont understand why you are dropping jelqing, as jelqing works length too, if you jelq at lower erection levels.

Also this thread may prove helpful in the future :

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