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More Exercise

More Exercise

Hi y’all, Mark Gross here,

Really enjoying this site !! I started warming up in the shower as recommended now, (change from KY Warming oil ), seems to be better, Thanks for sharing . I am now starting exercise slow with windmills, then into stretching penis up holding for 15 seconds then adding other hand adding more pressure for 15 more seconds, then going to side to side down finally straight out !! Next I call it Tugging , ( I like this ) same positions as previously stated hold penis upward next to stomach underneath the head gland with Thumb and Index finger and fuck finger. Start Tugging 30 times !! Next is the jelqing, I find this to be a lil painful, so I have decided to shave all pubic hair off ,yes Testicles too. Much better, no more pain !! Start jelqing 13 with right hand then 12 with left. Oh sorry b4 starting I am now using KY Warming oil for jelqing doing 2 sets , smoke in between. Then second set of Tugging, and finally last set of jelqs End the Exercise with 50 windmills and a nice massage to the point of orgasm STOP , NO Ejaculation .

Would like responses

Sincerely ,

(Paw paw πŸ˜† )

Mark Gross

That’s a little hard to follow (e.g. you shaved your testicles off?). You seem to be doing a basic stretching and jelqing routine a little like the newbie routine but with no schedule for increasing over time.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Test a proper warm wrap and compare it to the shower. You might find your warm up less effective than a traditional one if you have a shower head you can’t move or if temperature control or water flow is unreliable.

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Thanks for your response !! No I didn’t shave my Testicles off , (SHAVE) Not cut off , gotta read guys !! πŸ˜‚ As far as my routine goes , it’s working for me !πŸ˜† I have already felt a gain in my jelqing exercise, feels like my strokes are getting longer β€πŸ‘βœŒLove you guys , but am into women, no offense .

Paw paw πŸ˜†


I am a New Guy , Lmao 😈

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