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More errect gains visible then flaccid

More errect gains visible then flaccid

I have been PEing, not all that faithfully for the past 3 months, and was bored, and took measurements. I have been doing mainly stretching, because I don’t have the privacy for doing jelqing and when I measured a few nights ago when erect, that I had gained half a inch. I think this might give me more incentives, but I have no noticed gains in flaccid length, mainly because it seems when I am fully flaccid, my penis has the tendency to pull in, and look shorter then before I started. I have done the newbie routine minus the jelqing when I don’t have privacy to do it.

If you are turtling while flaccid then that is an indication that you are overtraining. Take a few days off (or perhaps a week or so off if you have been PE’ing for 3 months) and lower the intensity of your exercises when you start up again.

I’m somewhat confused as to how you can reduce flaccid length and gain erect length though. To me that seems odd. Therefore I would suspect you might have measured incorrectly, either now or when you started.

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Progress Report

Well, I hardly think I am overdoing my exercises. I did everything I the routine, but because of privacy issues, I rarely jelq. I don’t put much pressure when stretching, and generally use less for first stretch, then slightly more for second. It’s rare I ever stretch more then 2+ times a week because I usually don’t have time, or forget.

My question mainly is if there is a reason that because I generally only do stretching instead of stretching and jelqing, would that be a reason why I haven’t seen as visible flaccid gains. If I reach, and tug gently on my flaccid penis, it will extend and stay, but generally, it seemed to pull in slightly. Would only stretching have a effect on this, and should I work harder to fit jelqing into my schedule. *Right now the house is empty for a week.*

I turtle up too, but I always have even before PE. Is that the same for you, or did you just start turtling after you started PE Exercises?

I also have the experience of turtle up. Cold and shrinked penis, however, I feel a little bit better after doing PE for two weeks

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