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Monty's weights

Monty's weights

I have noticed our pe folks referring to monty’s weights?

WHat are they?

ANy relevant threads, and sites where they are sold are welcome.



Originally Posted by ThunderSS
PEweights and other things

Oh. That’s how you do it. I wasn’t sure we were allowed to post links to member’s websites. Thanks T.

RainDoctor: In my opinion the rings are the best ADS on the market. I never leave home without them. Just don’t go through Airport security with them on.

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No Nukes

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I plead ignorance, if that is the case. Please remove my link.

Big girtha, do you have any recommendations for rings?

I have two sets of three. The smaller set for after hanging when girth is slimmer mid shaft and the large set for after girth-work when the shaft is thicker. I’ve stripped off the rubber coating because they fit better and the lead feels smoother against sore skin than rubber. However Monty warns not to strip the weights. I’ve been wearing them this way for a year with no problems. I have to soap up in the shower to slip them on, but once they are on they stay without wrap till I take them off, also in the shower. I highly recommend running or swimming with them on, it’s a nice way to knock out your cardio and PE at the same time. We tried having sex doggie style with them on but Mrz G. says, “Okay, this is where I draw the line.”

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