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Monster in Training

Monster in Training

Hey all, Been Busy since I joined in January. Worked my way up to a longer version of the newbie routine. I now do 5 Minute warm up,10 minutes of stretches, then 15 minutes of dry gel’s,5 Minutes of rewarm up, 5 more minutes of stretches, and I do Kegels any time I’m sitting down. I would say I do around 700 a day.
Iv gained 1/4” in length since January but have no noticeable gain in girth. My erections feel like a Steel Rod and last mush longer. The volume of ejaculant has also increased (Also found edging from this site).
My Question is, Can anyone suggest anything to add/remove from my routine to help with girth. I am primarily concerned with Length atm though.


Jan Stats.
BPEL: 6.5”
Girth: 5.5”

April Stats.
Girth 5.5”

Welcome. :)

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I noticed that your doing dry jelqs only; try performing very slow wet jelqs for 15 minutes as the main workout and performing 20 dry jelqs every time you have to use the restroom.


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Hi monster wet jelqing is good for girth and length.100-200 jelqs,be careful mate!

Dry Jelqs are mainly used for girth. I would say that you should try and do the wet jelqs as advized. Wet jelqs are easier on the hands and on the penis’s skin. Even though i have mainly used dry jelqs for girth in my routine, i would say that they take longer for their effectiveness unless you know how to perform them correctly, and what to incorperate with them. So drop the dry for a while and just stick with the wet jelqs for the time being.

New Starting Stats:

BPEL- 8.0” 02/12/18


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