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Money or size


I am just being realistic.

What does someone halfway across the world have anything to do with my life? Why must I be burdened by him when I have a life here? I am not rich, and I do not have the money to spare, it is expensive to live here. By their standards yes I am rich. But I was born here, I am not going to live poor just to be fair to them. I am not a Buddhist. And besides, there are poor sick people here.

Don’t blame the AIDS problem on the west. The west isn’t out screwing African women when infected with the virus. And gee, you don’t think scientists aren’t working on a vaccine for it now? Seriously, I don’t think western scientists thought AIDS was going to be such the plague it is back in the days of Polio. Horrible reasoning there. And by the way, that article itself says that whole theory has no ground to stand on in it’s first paragraph. You bring it up as if they meant to infect them, when the article clearly states that if they did in fact infect them, then it was accidental.

I do agree that the west has contributed to some of the problems. But what do you want to happen? Just stop everything and go fix the unfixable? Totally transform our foreign policy? Have everyone here give up their wealth to provide for others who cannot survive without it? I said that the west should try to look at changing some of it’s policies, but the fact of the matter is that it’s impossible, no one in power will agree to do it.

And yes, survival of the fittest exists until the end of man. Money becomes part of the equation. So does land. National boundaries have proven time and time again that countries will fight over superiority, even to the point of killing their ‘inferior’ neighbors. Shit, we are all on this message board to make our moan makers larger so we can attract more attractive women. If that isn’t Darwinism at it’s finest I don’t know what is. Open your eyes and look around. It has turned from individual survival to the survival of those within your nations territory.

It’s not my fault the world is run this way, I just live here dude.

I agree with the gist of your post. What’s happening now has happened since before recorded history. The only thing is that today the snivelling guilt-mongers have to decide to swim upstream, to bash the successful, to rhapsodize the degraded - and to blame EVERYTHING on the west.

All bullshit aside, while the west has made its share of mistakes, it has its share of benefits - and not just to itself. For example, the U.S. has contributed far more to the other nations than any country in history - a fact (and one that you seldom ever hear). The only societies that have never done any harm are the ones that have never done….anything.

The west’s chief occupation now is in self-revulsion. We have flailed ourselves like the Shi’ites during that celebration. We beat ourselves bloody as some sort of guilt-atonement because the rest of the world lives so damn putridly (and we now recite their mantra that it’s all our fault!).

I have had the experience of working with people from so many different cultures/countries/religions than I’d ever imagined. And you know the one thing they have it common? They are ALL ethnocentric, racist, bigoted and intolerant. All…..of………….them.

That’s the greatest laugher of the so-called “multiculturalists” here. Like all west-bashers, they believe that the “cure” for our “imperialist, colonialist, eurocentric, white-superiority, intolerant, bigoted” society is to study those cultures………even more ethnocentric, intolerant, racist & bigoted (and those cultures are quite unabashed about their prejudices, feeling no need to play games with themselves about it).

Sounds like a plan to me!

Let’s flip this around.

How much of your current size would you be willing to sell for $100,000 per 1/4” increment of length or girth? It can’t be regained through PE.

I’m thinking a 4 incher wouldn’t be all that bad.

I’m pretty happy with my size, so I’d just keep the money. Maybe I’d get a good chemical peel down there, some treatment for the fordyce spots, and some investments.

Originally Posted by hobby

Let’s flip this around.

How much of your current size would you be willing to sell for $100,000 per 1/4” increment of length or girth? It can’t be regained through PE.

I’m thinking a 4 incher wouldn’t be all that bad.

That’s a tougher question!

Horny Bastard

Yeah, my first question wasn’t a very good one cause there are so many guys on here with big/great dicks or they assume it would get better by PEing. I guess the only people who would really spend the money are the 4” and such.

I’m just trying to find out how important money is to people cause I personally know a lot of guys who work away up north with mo contact with females just because the money is great. I value sex as a big part of my happiness.

I’m just wondering how important your dick is to you(especially since so many people spend alot of time doing exercises on here)

So I guess a better question would work on a scale. Everyone starts of with a 0 and $1,000,000(no goodwill can be done with the money). Every $100,000 would move you up a scale. A 10 would be the most perfect dick your significant other/future significant others has ever seen. 0 would be the worst. Would you keep the money and have the worst dick? Or would you spend some to have a better dick?

I’m just curious about the value of having a good dick to people. This will probably blow up in my face again.


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