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Monday Fun Day

Monday Fun Day

I was roofing today in the sun. A nice easy roof with low pitch and not too big. Just adding a layer, so no stripping. Easy money. Great day for it too!

Then I tore the crotch of my jeans. My tool belt drags my pants low so when I took a big step the old jeans gave way at the crotch. I freeball (no undies), so my wang just fell out the hole. My helper was at the other end of the roof, so he didn’t see anything. I just put my friend back in and pulled up my pants to keep him there. This happened at about 10am. Still had the rest of the job to do though. For the rest of the day I kept having to put it away and hope it stayed there. It didn’t.

My helper finally said “Are you having a wardrobe malfunction?”.

“Oops!” says I, “How embarrassing. Let me put that away. Do you have any duct tape in your truck?”.
“Yes I do.” he said, “But you really have nothing to be embarrassed about you lucky fuck! I don’t have half that size!”

I’ve been grinning ear to ear all day.

Thank you PE for the great flaccid hang!

Thank you Thunder for this awesome forum!

Now if only my wife would notice.

That was one helluva post.

Start 2/15/10 - BPEL 6.5", EG 4.875"

Short Term Goal- BPEL 7", EG 5.325"

Originally Posted by JoyStick

“Do you have any duct tape in your truck?” “Yes I do.” he said

Did you pull your tool between your legs and tape it to your ass cheeks like any responsible pe’re would do, if faced with that same situation?

If not, you missed a great opportunity for an all day, at work fowfer :D


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