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Mods/Vet please critique my beg. worko

Mods/Vet please critique my beg. worko

Guys how does this program sound to you? Is this a solid program for me to start out with?Is it safe?

thanks bros

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You have a good understanding about PE, I think you will do fine with this to start with. I would suggest that you don’t increase your jelqing reps so fast, let henry get used to the work outs. I would start with 100 or 150 and increase after a month.

You should look at PE as a long term exercise routine, you don’t need to increase the reps so fast. Only increase if you are not seeing results.


Originally posted by ThunderSS
Hey Otter,
This looks like a cut and paste, where is this routine copied from? Let me know. Thanks!!!

I copied it down from some message board along time ago and it’s just been sitting on my computer. Thunder could you please tell me what you think about this routine? Everyone I’ve asked about it just tells me I wont be able to sustain an erection when I get old from this :rolleyes:

Originally posted by ThunderSS
Who is everybody???

People on various other message boards, be it BodyBuilding or other things. So does my routine sound safe/effective?

Originally posted by ThunderSS
How long have you been doing PE? Did you start with this routine?? What was your previous routine like, if you had one??

I have no experience with PE what so ever. Does this routine sound like a good start?


Re: Workout


That workout is from a site called penis-secrets, I know ‘cause I joined that site, but man, I gotta tell you, what a waste of time that was. What Thunder says is true, you have to start small and work your way up, not just jump in, otherwise you’ll wind up like me, the guy who did that routine for 2 long months and gained exactly 0” on length and girth. My advice is to start slow and go up in 1 minute intervals every day. Like if you start with a 5 minute jelq session and you workout 5 days a week, you would end the week with a nine minute jelq session. But keep it low in the beginning so that Johnson can get used to it.

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