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Modified program

Modified program

After reading about different exercises, I was thinking of this for my new and improved modified newbie program, designed for LENGTH, not girth.

5 min- rice sock, warm-up
5 min- flaccid manual stretch, 30 secs each
5 min- A-stretch, 30 secs each
5 min- DLD blaster, 3 secs each
10 min- jelq
5 min- rice sock

I’m not sure if this is a good program for length or if it’s too intense, too dull, not set up properly, etc….Is this done properly?
Also, I was thinking about 5 days on, 1 day off because I want intense and I want gains! lol….I’m at about 7.5 BPEL, so I’d like to be 8.5-9 BPEL by Xmas at the latest, is this a feasible goal?
Just give me tips on gaining length fast, lol, thanks.

I’ll let longer term veterans comment on your new program. It looks fine to me. To a large extent whether it’s too intense depends on how intense you’re doing it.

But what I wanted to bring up is something I’ve been noticing lately about the term “DLD blaster.” I’m not singling you out SRV, because lots of people do it, but it’s come to mean a stretch unto itself.

In fact, as I read DLD’s orginal post (DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains) it’s really a way to enhance a stretch. He said you could use “a two handed type stretch (ie. DLD “A” Stretch, DLD Dual Fulcrum Stretch, 7-ups “V” Stretch)” and while you’re doing any of those stretches, do DLD Blasters. Also part of doing blasters is a method of fatiguing the PC muscle before the stretch through a process he outlines in that post.

So, now that I’ve said all that, what stretch are you doing when you do DLD blasters? Also, what do you mean by “flaccid manual stretch?” Vets may also want to know what your LOT is.

Edit: on reading further into that thread DLD seems to focus on doing blasters while doing an A stretch. So, has that become the definition of a DLD blaster? Is a blaster an A stretch while doing a reverse kegel after your PC muscle is fatigued?

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I don’t know anything about LOT, PC muscles, etc., although I’ve looked at all the sites, but I can’t figure anything out.

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