Modified luvdadus Newbie Routine

I have just started out with my first newbie routine. Did a lot of reading and some practice, but only now formed my first routine that I could stick to for at least a few months. Similar to the one suggested by luvdadus, but modified:

“5min hot wrap
2min manual stretch
10-15min jelq
Some kegels(enough to reduce erection)
Some hot wrap
5-10min manual stretch
5min how wrap
Some kegels(don’t really count them)”

When I start with a stretch I can not last more then 1-2 minutes, before I go semi-erect(that is why my initial stretch is only 1-2min). Then I shift directly to jelqing. I do mix wet and dry jelqing techniques simultaneously(using lubricant). Occasionally adding some squeezes. All together jelqing lasts about 10-15minutes. After jelqing I do some kegels to come back to flaccid state. Then I add some hot wrap and do some stretching again.

To sum up everything, I do mix up the routine and insert some kegels in between to control my erections. I have this problem with manual stretching. I believe it is not useful to stretch semi-erect penis. Is it? When I start it goes semi-erect too quickly. My first routine might look a little bit too much, but I did have some experience with PE before. I tried some exercises, worn some crap extenders, but nothing consistent. I decided to dedicate myself to PE and be persistent. After reading through thundersplace forum I feel that it will pay back :)

Is such inconsistency bad for a newbie routine? My start measurements EL 6’ and EG 5’(I am 27years old). Target is 8’ 6’ within a year.

Any advice. Thank you.