Moderate Gains

Hey guys! ‘Sup

So here i am looking for an appropriate place to talk about my sizable gains. What better place than here, on thundersplace?! Heh. I have been doing alot of research as to why I was born with an irregularly small penis, that most people would call average. I wonder if circumcision would have anything to do with gaining size, down there. I also wonder if snipping the foreskin was reversible, or the damage that was caused by it. Turns out it can be. I noticed these ‘skin tags’ at the bottom of my penis tip, which i will call the globe. I noticed they were sensitive when touched, or coming in contact with. I found out they were a result of having my Jimmy clipped and I immediately recognized it, and decided to call them my ‘guidelines.’ They help when I am ‘gorging the globe’ and am unsure which way to curve. I have made decent gains practically over night and it’s something I am excited about. My guidelines are almost gone so hopefully I can find another way to make a sizable length. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I could use some tricks and tips to keep going, if I hit a wall I’ll be sure to ask. Oh, If you haven’t done so, check out the videos on the homepage, these might help. Happy gainings! =D