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I have experienced about an inch gain in length by a combination of jelqing and using a mechanical penis extender - One of those gizmo’s with springs. I have also noticed another plus in that my scrotum is handing much lower. It was always kind of small and tight. But I have a very important question. Even using light tension with the mechanical stretcher, after around 45 minutes “Joey’s” head begins getting purple or somewhat numb. This would seem very dangerous to me. Does anyone else use such a devise and what have you experienced?


My guess is that, depending on the type of restraint, you’re strapping Joey down too tight. Loosen the grip a little, especially if it’s a noose style restraint.

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It’s one of those tube-type straps and I’ve tried loosening it, with the same results. I don’t know how it would be possible to strap Joey’s head into this sort of device, add tension, and not slowly cut off the blood supply. I’m guessing the manufactures sell loads of these things, but I have to wonder if permanent damage will result.

Purple and numb especially is very bad. You are going to have to make adjustments to avoid this. For starters I would suggest taking it off every 15-20 minutes.

It sounds like you have a noose type attachment device and those are inherently dangerous.

Never fall asleep with a device on. I made that dumb decision yesterday. I woke up scared to death and couldn’t feel my numb and purple penis for about 10 minutes.

Shorter time periods

Thanks, gprent. I was under the impression that if I left it on for less than an hour-or-so it wouldn’t be effective, but I’m going to take your advise and begin removing it at shorter intervals.


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