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Mission PE

Mission PE

I have gone through the LOT Theory and have understood the concept of finding the LOT. This has helped me to know my angle for stretching but as a newbie earlier I was doing all possible angles of stretching that is up, down, sideways and the rotation (duration of 30 seconds for 5 min each) Now after knowing my LOT should I only stretch at a specific angle as stated in the LOT theory or should I continue with the earlier method.

One more thing that tickles my mind frequently is that I want to know that is PE recommended or supported by doctor and what is the scientific explanation for the jelq exercise to help increase penis size.

Thank you.

No PE is recommended by a doctor, but they ALL know it works. At the end of the day, why should they take responsibility for the way your going to pull and squeeze your penis? They don’t know how aggressive you would do it, so they can’t say ”yes, go ahead and do this” - because you would sue them if something went wrong. [and in most cases something does go wrong, but we all correct them adventually]

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

Forget about LOT theory - it isn’t a “strong” theory, there are lot’s of inconsistencies. Sounds nice but doesn’t add up when scrutinized. Read Modestoman’s thead “Explaining LOT” or something like that.

I already gave you the scientific explanation of PE in your previous thread.

regards, mgus

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As Marco points out, recommending PE is a liability nightmare for a medical professional. Also, if you are capable of procreation, then you are fully functional in their eyes. The medical community only really caters for cases of micropenis.

Mgus has already summarised the unfortunate truth regarding actual research into PE for you. There are years worth of threads here which will probably answer your questions.

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