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Missing time

Missing time

I’ve been to lazy to PE this week, I’ve gotten back into bad habits IE masturbation, should I be worried about losing any gains?

Most likely you will regain any gains lost very rapidly.

If you are that bored with your routine then why not take it to the drawing board and try to make it more exciting. Perform you jelqs in sets of 10,or 15,or 20 or so on and so forth. You could also perform them like so: 50,40,30,20,20 with a min rest in between. If you did stretching before jelqs you could perform them second or divide them in half, before and after jelqs. The list goes on and on with exercises and routines you could try. Honesty it’s all up to what you would most likely want to do. Change things up slightly every week and alter routines every month and I promise you will have better consistency with PE.

Not doing PE means not gaining, that is what I would be more worried about.

It’s not that I’m bored, I live with my sister, brother-in law, and nephew, my time span to PE is short, it’s finals week.

Go to your room, close and lock the door… pull out your books, notes, etc., whip out your pecker and stretch/jelq while you study!! Do some stretching in the shower or a nice warm bath. Jelq while you’re on the can!

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