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Minor Injury.

Minor Injury.

I’ve only been PE’ing lightly for a little over a month and have gradually got into it more. Well I was starting to have some soreness in my penis late last week and took off from PE’ing Saturday & Sunday. I jelq’ed yesterday and it was a little sore after and a little more tense during the session.

The pain isn’t that bad, it’s very minor. This morning and early afternoon my penis had a few sharp pains that shot down to my right testical and my penis itself is a little tired and sore.

I’m basically just asking what do I do to recover? I’m not going to jelq any until next sunday or until it starts feeling normal again. But do I ice or is there any certain foods or vitamins?

I would suggest heat, but no jelqing or other type of PE’ing. Some people will tell you to not do anything and just let your body heal itself. I’m not sure what is the right approach. Listen to you dick and learn to understand PI’s and NI’s.

Hope you recover quickly.

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Just lay off PE until it gets better. It’s nothing to worry about, you just overdid it a bit.

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Thanks guys.

Honestly it feels a lot better tonight, I’m cutting out the PE until at least Sunday. The last thing I want is a serious injury.

I’ve been really sexually active lately too, so I’m sure that hasn’t helped with the soreness.

Soreness and pain means you are overdoing the effort .Ease off the pressure a bit when Peing and you should find that the problem goes. If not then ease off the exercise completely,

But give your dick time to heal from the present problem before starting again.

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Yes, always keep a safety margin so that your penis will feel great the next day.

For now just let it recover until it’s completely OK again.

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