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Minor head problem

Minor head problem

When I Jelq blood in my dick like normal my base, shaft gets bigger and stiff cause of the flow going in but my head isn’t getting much blood anymore. What happens is it gets a little bigger than when I’m flaccid like normal but I can’t get enough pressure in it like before. Now not only can’t I get a lot of pressure in it, once I let go of the jelq all the blood in my head quickly gets pushed out for some reason. Perfect example is like when you have a balloon with air in it and you let go of it, it shrinks and my head gets smaller than usual. It’s real annoying and this all started yesterday and today it just seems worse. When I get a erection the problem also shows, not a enough blood gets to the head and it ain’t rock solid no more.

Everyone has their ups and downs in the ‘Road’ to a bigger penis, guess I met my first.. I was really looking forward to be able to stand on my third leg. :(

Any advice?

Do the jelq and hold. Jelq until just under the head of the penis and hold it for like 10 seconds. Just have a look in the tutorial section for the Jelq and Hold technique.

Been doing that for more than 3 months. I’m not sure whats causing the “drain” so rapidly after letting go of the jelq. My head was always pretty big and got bigger with what you just mentioned, about a half a inch or more in a couple of weeks. Might have something to do with my CS, I’m really hoping it’s a temporary thing.

Maybe your penis is exhausted from the workout. Maybe some rest will bring it to full power again ;) .

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