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Milestone Reached

Milestone Reached

Today I measured both BPEL and EG. I had a pretty good idea that i had made significant gains, even last week, but i put off the measurement to be sure i waist just imagining the difference. Today I measured 6.0 inches BPEL and 4.875 inches EG. These numbers are possibly slightly below what i actually measured, but I am being conservative because of possible error in my measurement technique. I would feel horrible if i measured again next month and I measure less than now.

This is a milestone for me because I had fibbed about my length while joking around with different people over the years. I felt that I was “close enough” and that it wasn’t a contest, so what did it matter. Well it did matter, because I wasn’t being honest with myself either. This size is the most I have ever even joked about having.

One thing that troubles me is that when I look down at my penis, it still looks the same as it did to me before I started. But when I look at it in the mirror I see a real change. If I hold something next to my penis while I’m looking in the mirror for a size comparison, I see that it is really bigger than it looks without the object.

I’m glad I started PE, and this is really working for me, I hope everyone who comes to this forum has the success that I have. I look forward to reaching my goals, and I look forward to maybe being someone that another newbie might ask advice from someday.

I’m doing PE for life.



I can totally relate to your story. When I was 19 a flatmate of mine (a few years older) told me he was the only the average 6”, and that’s the first time anyone had actually told me the size of his dick (that I recall).

So I measured mine later and it was14cm (5.5”) nbp as I didn’t understand about bone pressing but I kidded myself and said (to myself) I was 15 cm (which is half the ruler and so 6” too, kind of) too.

As you say I felt ‘close enough’ but yes it did matter.

My first milestone was actually reaching that 15cm mark, shortly followed by the 6” nbp which is a fraction longer. That made me feel so much more confident among other things, therefore I understand your joy at reaching your milestone.

It is also good to have objects on hand to compare - that’s when you can really see the difference.

Congrats again.


Re: Milestone Reached

Originally posted by i_want_8_inches
If I hold something next to my penis while I'm looking in the mirror for a size comparison, I see that it is really bigger than it looks without the object.

I hear ya, bro. It’s just that we see our dicks everyday, and we become numb to the fact that things are changing down there. My flaccid has increased nicely, and sometimes I’ll think, “Is it still the same size?” Then I measure him against the side of my hand, and sure enough, he’s hanging better.

And congrats on reaching your milestone!

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