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Might have to hold off on PE due to possible hernia

Might have to hold off on PE due to possible hernia

Hey guys!

So I have been having pressure in my lower groin area for some time now no bulge or anything just pressure. So today I went to see my urologist about it and when he put his finger up in my groin under my spermatic cord and had me cough he could feel a slight bulge. I’m going to see another doctor who is the top doctor in my city that deals with a lot of pro athletes hernias. I am a personal trainer so I do a lot of intense lifting. But I have been going light on account of this. But what does that mean for me and PEing right now?! I was really looking forward to making some good gains!

Please help guys!

I had a hernia operation many years ago. Trouble was I didn’t have a hernia. But I was so ill and expected to die at the time. They just went ahead and let the students do it. I woke up during the operation to find a student trying to inject more anaesthetic but he was shaking so much the surgeeon had to take over. Then they noticed I was awake and turned on the gas.

They sewed a nylon ‘mat’ in to hold things together, I think it was a new procedure then, But manage to sew it into a nerve. and I was in agony for years, until it as it were tore away. .

So you are doing the right thing to go to the top man in your area.Aand make it known no students are to operate on you, as it is your living they are working on.

It wasnt until a year later when the surgeon had left they told me I didnt have a hernia.

But you are right to hold off PE as it may be a minor thing at present and pulling your dick could possibly aggravate it

PS This was in England - Not the States.

Aanyway I hope it all goes well and it is just a small lump of fat - as mine was.

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