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Middle girth less then top girth Exercises

Middle girth less then top girth Exercises

Hi guys,

I started doing jelqs everyday and it goes pretty well. One thing that bothers me, is that the top of my penis, just below the glans, is much bigger then the mid of my penis. The base is somewhat equal to the top. So from base to end it goes like: big - small - big - Glans.Are there any specific exercises where the enlargment is concentrated on the mid of the penis? Or does anyone had done any exercises that enlarged middle.

It might as well grow with the jelqing exercises that I do, but I was just wondering if anyone had other exercises for it.

PS: I don’t hang yet.

Thanks in advance!

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Horse440s ir whatever they are called. Clamp at base with one hand and clamp the head with your other hand. You must be very careful, this requires a very conditioned penis due to the amount of pressure it causes.

Well, that sounds like my flaccid dick. It has a sort of hour glass shape to it, except the glans aren’t nearly as big as my base is but bigger than my mid shaft. It looks like I might have it with my erect dick, but I’m not so sure since it might just be the left sided curve I have.

As far as exercises, I don’t know any, but is it the same with you erect and flaccid penis?

When I’m flaccid, it looks pretty much the same. How ever in erect mode, things get different.

Thanks for the exercise, I will try that one out.

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