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mid-shaft girth and base girth

mid-shaft girth and base girth

So i am jelqing as we speak and i am wondering, how does the base girth gain at all? that’s exactly where I squeeze the “OK” sign to begin the jelq, so how does it get any bigger if it’s not having to expand through the jelq? There’s probably a few threads on here that already talk about this.

and i’m retarded.

I think jelqing doesn’t increase the base girth, or maybe a little increase. I noticed, from observing a number of pics and measurements on this site, that the base girth is bigger than the rest of the shaft. So, jelqing will evening the girth along the whole shaft. In some cases, jelqing produce what known as the baseball bat effect, where the base become thinner than the rest of the shaft.

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and i’m retarded.

Excuse me??

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I hadn’t read anyting about clamping. with clamping i can get much lower on the base. With the size of my fingers (very wide) my “Ok” sign starts rather high on the base. oops i just looked down and saw a bloodspot. Guess I’m done for the night. crap.

Yes, clamping will give you an equal expansion for the entire shaft. And you can clamp much lower than you can jelq.

But clamping is advanced exercise, and you shouldn’t start if you’re a newbie (are you?? I think so according to your join date).

Clamping can create a bat shape as well. I’m clueless as to how to quickly gain base girth though.

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I think pushing the clamp far into the body will do the trick, by hiding the thinner part of the shaft behind the fat pad (unless there is no fat pad at all). Hanging seems to be the only known way to increase base girth, as expert hangers claim.

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Clamping can create a bat shape as well. I’m clueless as to how to quickly gain base girth though.

Reverse jelqing is an option. Difficult to do if uncircumsized though.

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Well if that’s the case, then I will start to adjust my manual stretching to be longer if I notice a bat shape start to form. Have to have a steady base!

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