Micropenis treatment study. More support for BPEL measurement.

So I found this study on a treatment for having a micropenis due to a certain condition, never seen it here before so here we go.


Anyway I thought it might be interesting for some guys coming here, thinking they had a small penis.
The study showed an average BPFSL of 5.14cm(2.02”) before and 7.45cm (2.93”)after treatment.
This is what is officially considered to be a small penis. Not 12-15cm.

The study also explicitly states that the measurements were taken Bone Pressed,

“Penile length measurement: Penile length was meas-
ured by one doctor (K. Park). A wooden spatula was pressed
against the pubic ramus depressing the suprapubic pad of
fat as completely as possible to ensure that the part of the
penis that is buried in the subcutaneous fat was measured.
Measurement was made along the dorsum of the penis to
the tip of the glans penis. The length of foreskin was not

indicating that this is indeed the preferred measurement of health professionals.

Start 06.2012 BPEL: 6.1" EG: 5.3" Current BPEL: 7.1" EG: 5.6" Goal BPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"