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MH: Don't Think Small

MH: Don't Think Small

Here is some interesting info about how we perceive SIZE

94% of men overestimated normal flaccid penis size.

5.1” average guess as to flaccid penis size

3 to 4” actual normal length of a flaccid penis

4.7 to 5.1” normal length of a stretched penis (It’s roughly the same as erect-penis length but is considered a more accurate way to measure.) 45% had a stretched-penis length of 5.1” or greater.

0% had an “abnormal” measurement (less than 2.75 inches).

59% traced their short-penis complexes to childhood, when they began comparing their penises to those of friends.

41% said their problems started in adolescence, when they began viewing erotic films and magazines.

86% said their size worries vanished after they were educated about average penis size and informed of their own measurements.

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Will Settle for > BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

Great find! I located the PubMed abstract of the original study here:…Search=15922413

The pattern of results definitely echoes what I’ve observed here at Thunder’s Place: everyone seems convinced that he is a “grower” and that the average flaccid size is much larger than it actually is.

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