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Method of warming up

Method of warming up

My method of warming up is by using two water bottles. I first crunch up the bottle my squeezing it with my hands to make the plastic flimsy, make sure to not to make any holes. I then fill the bottles up with warm water and just let my penis rest on one and put the other on top. I switch it around every minute so that my penis warms evenly. I’m just curious do you older PE members think this is an effective way of hot wrapping?

Wow, I would have never thought of something like that.

I’m not older, as in elderly, yet, but do whatever works. I haven’t tried that particular method, but as long as it warms things up, fine. Somewhere on here is a post about cutting a hole in the top of a large bottle, filling the bottom with water way too hot to put your penis in, then sticking your pecker through the top to get warmed from the rising heat and steam.

Whatever works. Just get it warm.

My method of warming up can seem weird but here it goes:I just grab a cup, fill it with hot enough water, stick my member in their and press the cup against my pubic region so that no water can escape.It works great for me!

You do need to empty the cup out about 3-5 min. later, ‘cause water cools off, but it only takes about 10 seconds to get new hot water in the cup.That way your entire penis is immersed in hot water and there is no need to worry about wrapping.

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How important is it to warm up the penis anyways is it very crucial or just to loosen up the tissue?

its pretty crucial, you make gains faster, and you become way less prone to injuries. Also i know a lot of people use rice socks or whatever for warmups, and i used to do the same until someone made a muscle relaxing heat pillow for me, and that seems to keep the heat longer. Its filled with Wooden beads instead of rice, and thats what i’ve been using recently.

Is it good to also warm up the area behind the penis for example the fat pad you push your ruler into when measuring?

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