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Metal shaft hanger

Metal shaft hanger

Hi guys

About a month ago, I found a web site offering this metal shaft that sticks to the tip of your penis. It’s made of steel, about 12 inch long (from the picture) and costs about 50 dollars (IIRC).
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I forget the name of the product and it’s web address. I’ll be glad to know it’s name and all - it looked quite interesting..


I wouldn’t have a clue. It sounds rather strange. If you want to hang somthing from your unit, why not build yourself a hanger, or buy a big starter?

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Thanks KOG.
My little experience with a home-made hanger that embraces the dick’s shaft hasn’t been too good.
If I understand the terminology correctly, the metal shaft device I’m looking for is an all-day-hanger (unlike the Bib). It’s weight is stretched along a ~12-inch metal shaft so that no weird lumps are apparent when worn under pants in an office environment. Of all the all-day-hangers I’ve seen, that one looked the least weird and the most comfortable and easy to put on.

Any comments?


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