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messed up my penis


messed up my penis

I usually do a routine of clamping in the morning when i have wood and whenever i get hard. I do stretches in the shower with the hot water directly on the penis. i stretched very hard and i didn’t notice anything funny until the next morning when it felt like my cock was in a semi hard state but felt cordy like when you overtrained. i have lost about an inch of BPSFL will I return to normal?


Why are you clamping if your still wet behind the ears.

Also stretching very hard ! you should have no cause to do this yet.

You should read more and stick to the newbie routine.

Take a few days off, then try a lighter routine.

Hope you feel better soon. I have had a few moments myself but they were always ok in the end.

Is this you?
11x7 here I come

mansun is right. Ease up, be smart - secret of gains isn’t overwork, but smart work.

I am already on my 3rd day of rest. i will begin with a slower program in about another week or two. Are the lost gains going to come back?

Jelqfanatic, when you have time give a read to the Forum Guidelines, please.

For example, if you are speaking of yourself it’s ‘I’, not ‘i’.

Thanks in advance.

Ant mansun a name Mansum, it gos both ways.

5/27/09 start>>> BP Length 5.5 NBP 5 Girth 5.5

7/16/09>>> BP Length 6 NBP 5.5 Girth 5.5.

Thank you PE and Thunders.

Originally Posted by Trinity Landers

Ant mansun a name Mansum, it gos both ways.

What is this?

Originally Posted by Trinity Landers
Ant mansun a name Mansum, it gos both ways.

I’m lost Trinity !

What where you trying to say there?

This guy obviously started out way to hard. Take plenty of times off, dont do any further training till things are back to normal. Let this be a lesson for others to go slowly.

Don’t start out doing any advanced fancy stuff like clamping or hanging etc. Start out slow with the basic programme of jelqing and take the advice of the others here, by going slowly until you can move onto the more advanced stuff.

It’s going to take time, dedication and patience. :)

I have no idea how much pressure i should use. Should it be enough to make the head shiny and no more?

All you need is rest until everything feels and looks normal again. You’ll be okay.

My plan is to wait until my morning wood resumes and then add x number of days onto that. i do not know how many. I use the ability to gain an erection as a gauge to find out how much i have overtrained my penis. if i wake up with a wet noodle then i know that mr happy has been beat up .

Friend gave some rest to your dick

He is tired

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