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Members age

Members age

Hello, I’m a 18year old guy from Romania and was wondering about the age of the members.
The purpose of this question is to become motivated in PE, because I consider to be a little old and I’m kicking myself for the years that have past by without knowing this valuable information that could change my life.I’m 6” BPEL and 4”1/2 EG

I would be glad if you guys tell me you’re age.

I’m 20 years old…. will be 21 in two days. You’re not old at all, you got plenty of time to grow.

18? I’d seriously consider giving up a testicle to be 18 again … well, to be 18 with the knowledge I have today.

Thunder is the same age as my grandson.

25 here

Happy early birthday Geno. You plan on trying 21 to down 21 shots for your 21st? If so, let me know how you do … I made it to 19 :p

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

12 Ooops! O:-)

Will be 34 on the 28th of Feb

Measuerments as of 2/05: FL= 3" EL= 7" FG= 4" EG= 6" EBPL= 8 Measurements as of 3/05: FL= 4" EL= 7.1" FG=4.2" EG= 6" EBPL= 8.1" Goal Measurements: FL= 5"+ EL= 9"+ FG=5"+ EG= 8"+ EBPL= 10"

35 and growing…..


I am 48. I live in California. Married for 27 years. I remember when the Beatles came over and played for the first time on Ed Sullivan.

I am 186 years old. No I’m 41, joined in January, been PE’N since September 2004.

I’m 20. Dragan, you’re not likely to find anyone younger than you on this site since you have to be 18 to join ;)

I’m 18 as well, turning 19 at the end of April. I don’t think 18 is too old to start but I do know how you feel about wishing you knew about this when you we’re younger.

Between 30 and 34, stopped counting after 30 :)

Edit: Got a good laugh when you said you fell old at 18 :) Someone said they would give a nut to be 18 again and I’m with him :)


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